Title: Helping Us…

Author: The Happy Carrot

Date Started: Dec 31st, 2005

Chapter Title: Leaving Everything Behind

As I sit on the plane, staring into the window; thinking about my new home of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I'm just a small town girl, from Tennessee, Texas. Staring into my reflection, the memories from the past week replay on the window like a movie…

"Common Julia! You can ride faster than that! I feel like I'm trotting and yet I'm still beating you!" My best friend Luke called to me.

"I'm coming! Hold your horses!" I yelled to him, pulling the rein to turn left down that familiar dirt path.

"If I held my horse then you wouldn't have to be catching up to me? Now would ya'?" Luke hollered back to me

"No I guess not" I cried laughing like a maniac and passing him, right when our houses were in sight.

"Julia…What's wrong?" asked a crestfallen Luke.

"Luke you know my condition!" I said to him

"My parents are shipping me off to live with my supposed Aunt and Uncle, whom I've never met before, just because Canada has better health care…and I'm not even certain when I'll be back" I trailed off letting a few tears run down my face

"Julez, if nothing is for certain then know this, when ever you feel that familiar warm Tennessee wind blow by you, know that I'm thinking of you and that I'll always be there…" He said. I looked up at him and one lone tear was running down his face and dripped off his nose…

"Thank you Luke… that's all I needed to hear" I said pulling him into a hug and soaking his shirt with my tears.

"So what do you want to do on your last three spare hours before you have to be at the airport?" Luke asked me

"Lets go into town, I have to pick up some new socks anyways…" I said taking his hand and away we went into town…

"Oh Look!" I exclaimed pointing to Beagles Bagels and Such

"Remember, that's where I first met you! You were trying to steal my last blueberry muffin!" I said to Luke

"And that's where I fell out of Mc Aurthurs Peach tree"

"And that's where Tommy Duncan pushed me off the swing and broke my wrist!" I told Luke pointing to a near by park

"Look! Look! That's where I got my first bike!" I exclaimed jumping up and down while pointing to, 'Just Bikes'"

"Luke, before we leave, we've got to go and see Mr. Jefferson" I said pulling him by the hand into my favorite store in the town, 'Larry's Sports'

"Good Morning Mr Jefferson! How's business going?" I asked the older man behind the counter

"Oh you know, it's going…How's that pitching arm coming?" he asked

"Oh it's coming good.. I can now officially windmill pitch 65 miles per hour! I checked at the Cabbage Town Festival" I said

"Well that's wonderful!" he said beaming at me. I could tell he was genuinely proud of me.

"Okay so down to business Mr. Jerfferson, my old socks are worn out from al of the sliding I've ben doing since season started, so I'm going to need a new pair" I stated matter of factly.

"Okay well.. would you like the traditional black and white for your baseball socks? Or would you like your regular? White with a green stripe up the outside?" he asked

"I'll take the white and green please, you can never go wrong with white and green" I said chuckling.

"Okay well… since you're going away and everything, these will be on the house, and Mary made you some home made cookies for your trip, she knows how much you love them." He said. I took the tin and the socks and said my thanks.

"So Luke… How's the farm coming?" Mr. Jefferson said turning he attention away from me

"Good, it's coming along well... We just got a new foal we named her Julez" he said looking at me.

"Well... I think we should get going, it's getting late" luke said nudging me towards the door.

"Okay… well Mr. Jefferson, I guess this is it…" I said

"No Julez, this isn't it, because you'll be back, I know you will, and I think it's time you started calling me Larry, likeeveryone else does…" He said pulling me into a hug.

"Yeah well… Mr. Jefferson, I'm not everyone else…" I said pulling away

"No you're certainly not" He said looking down on me

"Thanks for everything and teaching me the finer points of baseball and all that… you've been like a grandfather to me" I said finally letting go.

"Kiddo, as far as I'm comcered you are toMary and I are our granddaughter"

"Thank you…" I said letting the tears fall freely off my face.

One last hug and we left the store, with the best cookies in the world and a new pair of baseball socks.

"Luke, I am going to miss you so much" I said watching my parents retreating backs

"You've always been there to help me, even when nobody would you're my brother, blood doesn't have to connect us for me to know that" I said crying like there was no tomorrow.

"I Love you too Julez, please don't cry, I don't like seeing you sad." He said wiping away the tears

"and besides, who's gonna teach them Canadians how to really play softball?" he said winking at me…

"I'm sure there's a nice Canadian gent up there waiting for you…" He said looking down at his feet the perked his head up.

"Now go and get better! Oh and Julez?" He asked

"Yeah" I called as I saw him almost hit a lady because he was walking backwards trying to keep eye contact with me

"YOU BETTER WRITE!" He yelled to be

"WILL DO CAP'N!" I yelled back

And with that he was gone…

I took out a piece of paper and a pen from my messenger bag and began to write my first of many letters to my brother… Luke

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The Happy Carrot