I was so confused of my determined emotions toward her, How

could I love her If she wasn't my wife. I was a married man and I endured

the passion of my perfect marriage with my wife rose, me and rose never encountered

a conflict upon are marriage, I loved rose for everything I needed for love.

How could I now leave the woman I loved for years, for a woman I was confused

about, but somehow I loved her too. We were wealthy, me and rose hardly didn't see

eachother til the end of the week. She worked at her firm, while I was an novice actor

finding my way In this acting life for me. I met her During my first adult movie, her name

was simone, we only knew eachother for a few minutes then we acted upon

a love scene for the unrated film. I felt so nervous kissing and licking with a

girl who wasn't my wife, It just felt so weird cause I had no feelings for simone

at this point of time. Week's past by quickly, Me and simone spunt lots of

time together on set between scenes, I actually became untimid around the set

while speaking to her more often, We started going to lunch together, for

a moment I kind of felt we were bringing the film to reality, knowing are characters

were lovers, but just for the lust of It. Simone made me feel young and irresistable

on the other hand, rose made me feel grown and sexy. they both were now an extending

part of my life, rose my wife and simone my co-star and new friend. Then me

and simone started seeing eachother out of production, we started going to dinner together and even spunt time going to art galleries, that's one thing we had in common.

I never told my wife about any of my activities spunt with simone. For some reason

I felt as If I was emotionally cheating on rose everynight I was with simone.

It came to a point I thought I actually was falling In love with simone, but I denied

that feeling, cause It was wrong, but It felt so damn right. My sex life with rose started

falling apart and when we did have sex, It felt so dull with no excitement, but still

I loved my wife and no one could replace our six years of marriage, we were married

since we were 18 of age and now It feels like we were married are whole life. Now

production break was in effect, rose was also taking a break from her clients at the firm

which gave us extending time for are relationship together. It felt like we hadn't seen

eachother In decades, but now I was back with my wife for a full month without production

In process. our sex life became much better and so much excitement, we started

doing lots of couple-outgoings and spending all day and all night together just loving eachother.

She just made the sparkle In my eye shine up with passion fulfilling our endless love.

we started cuddling more often than we usually did, It was like our love got even stronger than the last time we felled In love. At some point, I began to miss her, I began to feel feelings

for simone, I just wanted her so bad, I wanted to see her face, touch her, breath her, just to

be around her, but no I thought, I can't be thinking about these feelings toward a girl

who wasn't my wife. I wasn't even that type of person to be unfaithful to rose, rose

was my everything, I just felt belonged to rose forever my passion for her.

But, no matter what I believed, I truly loved simone, I had to view her body and

make love to her. So I had desperately went to Simone's hotel room, knocked on her

door, and as she opened It..I just felt chills all over my body just exploting to see her.

I then stared at her for a dazing view, then I forced a passionate kiss upon her

mouth and just kissed her like It was the last time I would ever see her again...I then

stopped so urgently and felt guilty for what I had just did, How could I kiss her, she

wasn't my wife rose, She then swaved her hand over my face and pulled me toward her bedroom

In the back...she then took off all her clothing, standing naked upon my eyes. I could

tell by the way she looked, She loved me, but I just couldn't , I just turned my back

Then She she eyed me down as we viewed upon eachother's eyes with love. I couldn't

resist her love, I then endured making love to her...and It felt so good making a passionate

feeling with a woman who loved me and I loved back. We then fulfilled our love making

and I felt such awe of what I did and knew I had just engaged upon an affair with simone.

I left her room without a word, I couldn't believe I had just cheated on my wife, but

How could It be so wrong when It felt so right when I made love to simone.

Arriving back at home, I felt obvious that somehow rose would notice something

suspious about me, but For some reason I had not felt nervous or guilty around rose, but

why, I thought..., I had just cheated on my wife, but at that moment I felt no guilt

toward her appearance. As I slept At night, It was fucking killing me that I was confused

with my feelings...I loved rose, but I somehow loved simone more , but In a different

feeling..., I just felt pleasure and pain all over me, My mind felt torn up, I didn't want

to love simone anylonger, but my heart kept her feelings inside of me, I wanted It to

stop...Rose was right next to me the whole time, I started feeling sick and cold, But I knew

It was only emotional. How could this girl have this power over me..she made me

feel weak thinking of my love for her...but It had to end. Rose never made me feel this

way toward her, how could I have all these feelings for a girl I barely knew, but

never felt like this before with rose..., I didn't feel guilty around rose, But when around

Simone, I felt guilty If I thought of rose..but how, rose was my wife. I just felt confused.

It was the last day of production and I was told that we had to reshoot six love scenes,

But I couldn't understand why... Then my producer told me that We had a new role for

the female lead with me...I felt confused again, I was now to do a love scene with

this new actress who wasn't simone. As we started acting our love scenes, I felt so

unconfortable with her...but How could I, This was just acting, Then All this time

I thought , I was never acting with simone, It was reality for me on screen. I just couldn't

Do It with this new girl, I just felt too nervous and felt disgust kissing her, The producer

decided to give me time off just for a day for those scenes. I was tired of having feelings

for simone and I wanted It to end, I didn't want to be unfaithful to rose anylonger.

So I arrived at simone's house In newyork, I then opened her unlocked door...and

viewed her beautiful face, She then approached me with a kiss, but I stood back.

" baby, what's wrong...are you okay, I have great news for you...". she said with a smile.

" No..., I can't do this anylonger with you, It's wrong...". I said while trembling the words

out my mouth. " baby, what's wrong...Kenny are you okay...". She said with a frown.

" NO ! I yelled as she feared back. " No...I can't love you anylonger, simone...your'e

ruining my life with rose..., rose Is my wife, not you...I'm sick oF having these feelings for

you..I nevered had these feelings for anyone In my just make me feel weak and

lovable...I'm just sick of you simone...I hate you now.. " . I said while feeling nervous and

trembling all over. " No, you don't mean that, you love me...I know you do ". she said

tearing up as tear drops ranned down her face with emotions sounding through her voice.

I have to end It now. " I then pulled out A silver-metal gun out of my pocket and pointed at her.

" please, kenny...I,,LOVE...YOUUUuuu(crying)...". SHe said tearing up. " I'm So sorry...

But, I don't..., It's for the best...". I said as I started tearing up. I then pulled the trigger

and shot her down...I kept shooting her as I cried my love out for her. And that was the end of

my life with her.

Now as I sit with my psychologist confessing the murder I committed, I feel so guilty.

" Kenny...kenny..., Do you understand what you've done, as your psychologist, I will tell you,

you were confused because you thought you were In love with rose and simone, But the problem Is you were never really confused, you just had It see, you were never In love with

rose, you were In love with simone the whole time, you only felt guilty when you were around

simone beacause when you thought about rose, It made guilt upon you cause you really

felt like you were cheating on simone intead of rose, that's why you never felt guilty around

rose, cause you never loved rose. let me put this in a way you will understand, you played

the same script for rose and simone, you thought you loved them both, then you felt confused about the scenes In your thought rose was your leading actress, but really, rose was never cast In your life, simone was your actress in every scene In your life. you got It confused

because you got the cast confused, simone was really rose, the person you truly love and rose

was the person you thought you loved, that's why you said you never felt like that ever, until

simone came Into your life, you never loved anyone before cause simone was your first true love.

you only cared for rose because of the lust with your sex life, but you cared for

simone with emotions, that's why you felt weak and powerful of her love. kenny, you killed

the person you really loved. now your'e going to jail for you understand now ? " said, . " ...Now It all makes since to me, now I'll never see my child, which was her

good news. " It was the same script, but a different cast ".