-1It was nightfall and the sun was still barely up; it was a day of great joy for the Sun Family and all the relatives who didn't have the last name anymore because of marriage. All of their children were together, and it seemed that there were no problems in the world, at least for today. Not one person seemed out of all the action, at least those everyone were used to being around.

In the backyard of the Tenkia's residence, the whole family were enjoying themselves except for a boy named Haji, who didn't have the same last name as his parents. Nobody paid no attention because this was very normal for him, and the fact was, very few cared.

His family was quite the mixture, they were all mixed with something, and every generation seemed to mix with another race to make a new mix. There were a total of thirty six kids back there and fifteen sets of parents, not all being the same age. Eight of the children belong to some parents who were around the age of twenty and maybe going thirty. The other twenty one kids belong to people around the age of forty.

The backyard had quite the size, since it belonged to a mansion. It had separate basketball courts, one for the younger kids while the other was for the older kids. It had a large swimming pool that had pool tables set near it, neatly. The pool was made to look like a waterfall falling into another great body of water. The far part of the backyard had a golf course that was better than most golf courses.

A woman with long black hair and red highlights sat watching all the people enjoy themselves with a margarita in her hand with a strawberry on top. She was a pretty half black, half a French white woman, she had beautiful blue eyes that showed very little emotion but at the moment slight enjoyment. She looked more white than black by her skin tone, but a black person would know she had black in her. She held her hair in a bun and never smiled a whole smile. She either frowned or half smiled at people; not many could tell whether she was happy most of the time because her eyes barely told much. She wore contacts to hide that she blind in her left eye because of her shame ness of it. She always acted like she could see though so that nobody would ever ask her questions.

That lady sat on a chair near the tables by the pool as a lady who looked like her except that she had dark, it was her sister. Her sister had brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, her sister was older in the face thus making the other prettier… she looked stress. She spoke:" Umm... sister... dear, Tanya, aren't you a little worried about your son Haji? It's not healthy for a boy to always want to be alone… you know!" Her solemn voice went through the air and her sister seemed unfazed by her comment. She then began to speak again in a much more louder voice and sounding harsh," Tanya, your son is weird! You know that, don't you. ...I guess anyone would be called 'DARK SPIRIT' if you were the mother and your husband was the father!" She looked at her to see if she was fazed by that and saw she was very much.

The mother of Haji became infuriated at her sister but for the wrong reason, " Don't you ever wrong me by speaking of my parenting skills; I don't ever speak of how you raise your children or how your children are! You don't have no right… as for Haji, he will be Haji and that's it. If you care so much, why don't you go speak to him; you're dang right, he's not normal and never will be!" Her words came out harsh only for the reason she spoke of her parenting skills.

Her sister saddened in the face as Tanya's face became hot with anger. A tear fell down her sister's face as she went on to vent out through her somewhat choked up voice as she was trying not to cry:" It's a shame the only way to rise your anger is when I speak of your parenting, but when I speak of your son, you seem to not care… Haji is not the problem, you are. The only reason you keep him is because it looks good on you!" She walked off, grabbing the three kids that were hers and decided that it was time to leave; she couldn't stay around her sister that long.

Haji watched the party from his room and heard the conversation that was occurring near the pool area. Though he was nowhere near the pool area or the ground, Haji could hear everything because of his great sense of hearing. It was better than the average, actually, it was closer to the hearing of a dog. He wasn't surprised to hear his mother's reply to sound as if she didn't care, because the truth was most of his family didn't care for his existence.

He turned on the light and began to go through his clothes to put on some 'dating' like type of clothes though trying to make it look like he was just going somewhere and wanted to look nice. Though seemingly uncared for, he had plenty of stuff that his family bought for him. Who wouldn't?

He was one person that could be considered beautiful by appearance, and everyone who was truthful would mean it. He was the type of person that could make a lesbian or dike go straight upon looking at him. Everyone that met him could only think of one word to describe him and it was 'whoa.' He had just turned 13 today though his body shape was not like most of his age. He was built with muscles that were toned, strong, and big. He had short dark brown hair that was very Native American (or as many call them 'Indians' though Native Americans is the proper name) like by the texture. He had a handsome young face that was literally perfect in ever way; his skin tone was the color of caramel brown. His eyes were hazel green that seemed to glow with power but they showed pain and sorrow and very few times was it a happy look though vanity would plenty of times show.

He learned that most people don't look in the eyes to read emotions so he learned how to smile and make people feel like he was happy. He seemed to have everything though very little is what he actually had. He had very few friends, he could count how many people cared for him in his life and his parents weren't one of them anymore, the people plotting against him were always trying to pretend to be his friend.

Those people made him into the boy he was now; he was nearly heartless and cared for few people with love. His auntie Tiffany Sun, the mother of Ken Sun, was one of the only two aunts who cared and loved him; his other auntie was named Marcielli Sun, she had children but was divorced, she was the one that talked to his mother earlier. His grandmother and grandpa loved him dearly, also. He had a girlfriend, and she was Puerto Rican but was not allowed to date her.

The reason people hated him was mostly none of his fault; it was pure jealousy that turned into hate. Other reasons were because of his name, or at least his middle and last name, which meant 'Dark Spirit...'and the many things of his past that connected him to that name. He was aloof to many around him but was openly kind to those that he cared about even if he knew they didn't care for him.

Haji fluffed his pillow, stuck it under his covers, and put a toy he used to play with near the center to look like a nose. He smiled and seemed to be very amused by his actions. He looked out the window and counted all who were out there to make sure no one had came into the house yet. Perfect! Everyone was out there, but they would be coming in soon, seeing that the sun was no longer in the sky and the purple, red, and orange colors in the sky were slowly becoming only purple and black.

Haji opened his door slightly to make sure no one was outside his door because his father always came up every time he tried to sneak out the house. No one was out there! He walked like a wolf trying to stalk it's prey by staying quiet and making no noises as he walked down the stairs. Once he got done to the last couple of steps, he saw a couple of his cousins, the teenagers, walking in loudly and talking about the basketball game that just happened.

They gave him a deadly glare as if they had saw demon before their very eyes and that glaring could kill it. Haji gave them a even worse glare as he hopped the stairs down, knowing that now they know he is down there.

They all gave a fake smile and spoke happily as if they really though about him, saying: "YO! Haji, what's up… we haven't talked since, well, forever! Dang, you've changed, I bet the girls LOVE you!" They said the last part trying to pretend that they were proud of him too bad their faces showed that they weren't proud that 'girls loved him.'

Haji smiled and waved goodbye saying that he had to do something important. His cousins laughed and kept on calling him foolish and stupid to believe anyone would like him as soon as they door closed and kept on saying his own parents didn't even care for him.

Haji laughed to himself because he knew exactly what they were doing inside and because he was the one who had them fooled. After realizing that he had got out the house, Haji ran his fastest to a park of where a special person should be waiting for him. He knew that once he left, his cousins would tell his parents that he left, they would come after him because they would know whom he was going to see.

He got to the park out of breath but if someone else ran as much as he did, they would've died out of exhaustion. He walked for awhile looking for her… and then he found her. Julissa was her name, and because she had that name, it was one of the most beautiful names he had ever heard or seen anyone with, it was like the scent of roses in the morning. She had long brown hair that went down to the middle of her back, and brown eyes that could light up the night sky. She looked like a young Jennifer Lopez but prettier. She didn't see him as she was under a small light pole reading a book.

Haji noticed she didn't notice him and decided to sneak up on her. He jumped on top of a tree and leaped silently like a sniper trying to sneak on it's prey, and then landed silently behind her. He stood there for a moment and thought about whether he should scare her, surprise, or anything. He decided to just surprise her as happiness entered into his eyes and along with sneakiness. As he put his hands over her mouth while speaking to her in a whisper:" Guess who… you know you should be more aware of who's around you because I could've easily been somebody else-" he smiled a genuine smile which she always thought was sexy.

She turned around with a smile on her face as she put her arms around his neck and kissed him gently on the lips as a blush appeared on her face and his. She then uttered out in a voice barely above a whisper as she flattered him:" I can do that because I know I got you to protect me." She put her hand in his hair and started ruffling it up causing some bangs to appear on his face which he just allowed to happen with a face of pure happiness appeared on his face. She was the only person that could make him feel that; he loved her with all his heart and soul, he would give his life for her if it ever came down to that.

The park was very close to the ocean so they could hear the ocean waves hitting the shore as they walked together hand in hand while she leaned her head on him smiling.

Suddenly they saw six balls of lights staring back at them after they walked for 15 minutes. The balls of lights seemed to be making the noise of a motorcycle's engine, which was exactly what the balls of light happened to be coming from.

Julissa frowned and closed her eyes because the light was so bright; Haji, on instinct, got into a fighting stance.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Haji Escuro Espirito! How luck are we to find you here!" yelled out a boy with long black dyed hair going down to his shoulders with some of the strangest color contacts. Haji walked closer with no fear within him to see whom he was talking to. He recognized the boy as being someone that he had trusted best friend. He was a punker and a pale one at that; he had a long face and was what you called straight up ugly. His mama couldn't have found that face to be as nice looking face; he had a ring on his chin and a couple of earrings in his right ear. He wore an open vest showing his rough body that could only belong to a person in the 11th and or 12th grade or happened to be in the wrestling team; he had no sleeves showing that he had a large tattoo of a dragon running down his arms. He took off his vest and revealed a chain hanging off his black pants in which he grabbed with his right hand and used the other to wrap with around his fist.

Another boy was much younger than the last with sky blue eyes that would pierce through someone's soul, he was very handsome and looked like a rich white kid who wanted to prove he was bad, though he didn't dress like one. He wore baggy pants and muscle shirt though he wasn't all that muscular, he was more skinny than muscular but nonetheless he wore because he thought he was buff because of his stomach muscles. He, too, had a weapon but Haji couldn't comprehend what it was but he knew it looked similar to a gun but it was much too wide to be one. He picked it up from the side of his motorcycle.

There were three other kids who were black, white, and Mexican… Haji knew this was not to welcome him to the park.

Julissa was frozen in fear as she looked upon the five hooligans that were on their bike; Haji got in front of her and told her to leave and go home. She ran but didn't go far when she heard him holler from a hit he had just got, she stood under a light post sweating and crying while praying.

Haji fell to the ground from the first punch he didn't see coming when he let his guard down to make sure that Julissa left. The punk rocker had punched him the stomach with the chain bounded left hand. He got back up and before he could tune his eyes because the last hit caused his vision to go blurry, he was punched right in left side of his face causing his face to get cut and he fell backwards head first into the ground. Haji got back up and another punch was thrown… but this time it was caught though Haji couldn't see the boy, anymore and he threw him over him and kicked him in the stomach when he was on the other side of him which caused him to go flying a few feet behind him . He turned around and saw the second boy got off his motorcycle and held on to the unknown weapon in his left hand. The boy pressed a button that was on the machinery at hand and he pointed the thing at Haji's heart area and a large chain that looked as if it had a hand with razor sharp claws came towards him and Haji was too deep in shock to move, so he didn't.

The claws went right through his body and at that moment Julissa fainted as she saw what was supposed to Haji's death. Everybody stood in shock as they saw Haji fall to the ground; they all walked near to him. They found no blood to be where he was at and they turned him over and his face was no longer cut, at that moment, fear had overcame over them but that didn't stop them from walking over to Julissa saying that somebody wanted to see her.

They were about an inch away from her when they felt the wind become strong and the air around them became a freezing feeling. They turned around to see Haji getting back up and the wind stopped and so did the coldness in the air disappear. He got up and no longer showed pain in his eyes but it showed one of a heartless, blood thirst, merciless killer. He walked closer to them and the boy shot His weapon at him but this time though Haji didn't move, he caught it in his hand while the others ran back to their bikes and decided they were going to run him over. The first one came, he jumped on top of that one and bashed the driver's head into the steering wheel and somehow mad the motorcycle to go in the sir as he jumped off causing the driver to fall on the ground headfirst from 5 ft of air as he landed and broke his neck

The other two came at the same time and Haji was still holding onto the chain that was used as a way to try to kill him; he grabbed the chain and threw the one holding it toward him and grabbed the weapon all the way. He pressed the button at the one to the left and it hit him right into the stomach and held onto him, Haji smiled and his eyes glinted out of excitement for what was going on. He took the body that was attached to the chain and threw it over to the other two dudes. They were in a line formation and Haji released the chain again and it went through all three of their bodies and once again excitement and malice evil came into his eyes as he watched them die in front of him as if was the most entertaining thing he had ever saw.

Julissa saw this and cried as she ran over to Haji and grabbed him and begged him to stop. The moment she got near, his eyes became soft and beautiful as he looked in her looking like he couldn't have ever caused such destruction; his face looked healed like of magic because there were no scars.

She was afraid to look him in the eyes for she knew they weren't as trustworthy as his eyes seemed to be. They walked for awhile while she kept her head down low and finally decided to speak, "Haji…how, I mean why, I mean, how were you able to do that to them?"

"Huh? They were trying to hurt me and… you! What was I suppose to do… you saw what they were trying to do, didn't you?

"Yes, of course! But.. You have to promise me that you would not fight like that, anymore…" she shrieked through tears, and continued on saying," Just… please… just this once… before you get killed or taken somewhere… you know you are supposed to be dead, don't you? Don't YOU!?"

He nodded in agreement with the first part but never remembered dying… so, he agreed to never fight like that again and try to avoid fights as much as possible. He did that for three months until something terrible occurred!