So heres my preview of the story. I want to see what people will think before I actuallyput up the first chapter which is slightly ... this is a story that is based on a Heaven and Hell some scenes that you won't like and thenthere are some scenes you'll get all happy with. Random. I love it sometimes. But not completely random. Sorry. I'm rambling. Okay this is a little bit ofevery Genre. Romance,Supernatural,Thriller andComedy. It's anodd combo but it really does fit together well. The begining will explaineverything. Then the sappy love sets in.I hope you enjoy. I'm also sorry for the numerous grammar problems. This was a spir of the moment.

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Desperate Butterfly-

"Run my little doll"

Run. Run. Run.

A girl with tears streaming down her face pushed past the crowd dancing in Ice Cube, a new dance club. Her once tight red dress was now ripped to pieces as practically nothing covered her fake breasts and skinny body. Her makeup trailed along her cheeks as it blinded her.

Black long tears. Scratch marks highlighted with red were everywhere on her once perfect figure. She cried out for help yet no one heard her. They simply stared as she pushed by.

"Their..real. They e-exsist. They…Hell…help. Someone help."Her voice seemed to be only a whisper as she ran to all looked at her with those familiar red eyes. She collapsed as she finally reached the door and looked over her shoulder.

A hand touched her. She prayed someone with a friendly face belonged to that hand. It was John. Red eyes peered at her.

"Come here Kelsey." He whispered. Only it was in her head. She hit her temple.


He can't be…there. Only I'm in there. He can't. He can't."

She pushed out by the bouncers and stumbled into the parkinglot. A chill crept up her legs as she began talking to herself knowing that these creatures were fake. " They…help..they.." She passed by some guys.

"I'll help you baby." Some so called stud-muffin walked over and draped an arm over her. A grin on his face clearly told her that he was going to help her in bed.

"Help me. They…"

The stranger noticed the scratches on her and smirked. " Ya like it rough baby? I'm sure we can arrange that." He kissed her neck and she cried out. She was fuzzy. 'On something' her mind ticked. A pill John gave her. Her mind flashed to what happened.

Kelsey smirked at the mirror in the VIP room's bathroom and wiped the white powder from her nose. Tracy, another hooker friend of hers, hit her ass.

"Show time." Kelsey merely smiled and puckered her lips as she applied lipstick. Crossing the hallway she walked into the VIP room.

John came up behind her and ran his fingers over her lower stomache. "Come out and play." He whispered and she simply nodded. He was a high class lay. Most girls that slept with him were rumored to have gotten a million dollars. He would pay them and they left that night and spent every penny .Most of them never to be seen again. She turned around as he handed her a drink and two pills.

" Tylenol for that headache."

"Thanks Hun." She grinned her perfect white smile and glanced at two men who walked into the room. Throwing her head back she placed the pills on her tounge and swallowed with the water. " What are you doing here?" She glared and looked at John.

He simply smiled at her.

"They want to play too."

"Well maybe later but I just want to play with you alone baby." She purred against him feeling hazy already. She wanted that money. He licked her neck and shook his head.

"They're staying…"

"No." She pulled back and started getting rather scared. These guys were huge. Then it hit . She tried to run but they grabbed her.

" No no no no!" She cried but they held her back. Then John was on her clawing at her dress. Claws?

She freaked and tried to get away but the huge guys were holding her down. She looked at John. "Don't do this…please." He smiled down at her and his eyes glowed red and then flashed back to his brown. Voices filled her head telling her to relax and that she will be happy if she did so.

"I'll only hurt for a bit."

He bit into her skin on her wrist and started sucking on her flesh. Her mind was pushed back further from the drugs. She opened her eyes and saw a man ravage a women. Her mouth was gaping and eyes distant. He dropped her and she was clearly dead. It was Tracy.

"No…" Her mouth slurred. She was released as John talked to someone.

"Why are you bothering me?" A pause. " Shit. Go find her! Now!"

Taking the few moments Kelsey had, she fled. She crawled off the lounge and tried her best to run. She ran. Run. Run. Run. The voices were now screaming for her to go back. That if she doesn't she'll die. Run. Run. Run.

The man continued to kiss her neck as she sighed. The voices had calmed down. They were shushing her cries to nothing. That's when she realized. He was one of them. She pulled back as he growled. Blood dripped from his mouth. Her blood. She blinked back as the voices told her to be calm. She listened to them. Giving in. Darkness ate away at her. She was drifting. Drifting. Then she fell.

She had actually fallen. Cold concrete hit her head as she heard a grunt. The grunt came from the demon who had tried to…to eat her?

"You are mine!" The demon growled at someone.

In a quick flash he was down on the ground with a bullet in his forehead.

"Hmm. Guess not." A voice laughed sarcastically. It chilled Kelsey's bones. Then suddenly she was lifted up as an angelic face looked at her sweetly.

"You'll be fine. Don't worry. Go to sleep." She was suddenly warmed and felt like she was cuddled with. Her eyelids blinked shut as the women carried her away.

Okay. That's the begining. It was just a slight taste of the meal. Like? Yes? No? I know your thinking "WOW GRAMMAR PROBLEMS and she must be insane writing about a high class hooker almost getting raped by demons." But it's not continually like that. I promise. Comment please. Thankyou.