Title: Precious (Based on Depeche Mode's song)

The night of New Years was young, just as the new born children

All was still and quiet, no sound to be heard far and wide

No one thought that this night would be most hurtful

But you know, thing's never goes as planned

You may get one thing you wished, you may not

Many wish for life, others wish for death

My dear friend, what were you thinking?

Going out to prove yourself, to show you could fight?

It's unspeakable, but still it happened even when we wished it wouldn't

You came back, but not for sure

Blood and tears poured, even anger seethed through the light

We prayed for your recovery, but now we can only hope

Then something ringed, hopefully not bells

No, it was the phone, but for what?

To tell us you were dead? To tell us you lived?

Fortuantely it was the second option, thank you God

Now we can only wait for your safe return.

(Dedicated to my boyfriend's friend who went out to fight on New Years Eve, we hope he gets well!)