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Wow I can't believe how much time has passed! Just last week was graduation and now I'm sitting in the living room of Rowan's house while all the guys talk about going back on tour. It turns out "Sole Survivors" made more money while they were off of tour than they knew what to do with and now they want to go back out and give the public something new. Rowan has been writing songs like crazy and I love listening to them being played for the first time.

Rowan and I have a plan for the future even though I'm not sure how long it will take for everything to settle down. He asked me to marry him the other night. He bent down on one knee while we were out to dinner and proposed. He said he would wait until I was ready to be married and I told him I wanted a long engagement so we can figure everything out. Now that he's about to head on tour. I don't know exactly what to think.

I know it seems almost cliché and impossible to fall in love with a boy from your childhood, but I truly love him. I'm just afraid that one day he will wake up and realize he doesn't. For the last few months everything has seemed to be a story out of a fairytale. Not that I'm a princess, but I do have a charming Rocker for a prince. Last semester was truly something amazing.

Imagine if you will being a couple with the boy you wanted to beat the head in of at a young age. When people realized that Rowan Shane was a boy they had grown up with, the rumors about he and I that flew were very colorful, but I got used to them. Rowan tried to bring a stop to all the rumors, but you can't stop gossip you can only make it quiet down for a little bit.

I'm getting off track however. The boys want to tour around the United States and then come back here and produce a new CD. After that they don't exactly know what they are planning to do. Rowan asked me if I wanted him to quit the band and I told him immediately no. I blushed brightly when he asked why I was so sure about that and I broke down and told him the story of when I first heard of Rowan Shane the musician.

I remembered his face as I told him about watching his performance on the television and how I was entranced by his presence. He had reached over and wrapped an arm around me leaning against me in a content embrace. I asked him then what that article was about that I was reading from and why he had be so mean about the past and such. He told me it was because he wanted everyone who did remember that Rowan Shane was a little scrawny boy to see that he became more than anyone could ever believe.

We talked through the rest of the night about the future and about everything that had happened over the last year. We talked about how I had first reacted to him and worked out all of our problems that had arisen so far in our life. We had been dating at this point for about five months and I was positive now that I was in love with him. I had fallen completely head-over-heels in love with him.

"What's your favorite song… not by our band?" he asked out of the blue.

"Well there was this one song that I love… 'Kissed by A Rose'. I think is what it is called," was my reply after I thought about it.

He nodded in response and reached over pulling out a guitar and playing the rhythm on the guitar he began to sing. It was totally different sounding, but the lyrics held the same meaning to me. He stared straight into my eyes as he sang the chorus, and the powerful part of the song made my heart pound faster and faster. I felt like all the emotions of the song were entwined with his feelings for me.

"My power, my pleasure, my pain, baby (L)

To me you're like a growing addiction that I can't deny... yeah. (L)

Won't you tell me is that healthy, baby?

But did you know,

That when it snows,

My eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen.



I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey.

been... kissed from a rose on the grey."

I couldn't stop the tear that fell from my eye as he finished up the song. For some reason I just couldn't stop myself. I knew that this was the perfect moment for me to tell him of my feelings. I leaned in and brushed my lips against his in a simple kiss. I pulled a few inches away and whispered, "I love you", softly. I saw his lips form a smile and his eyes light up before he wrapped his arms tighter around me and kissed me in reply.

That was several weeks ago and it's still fresh in my mind. I will never forget how that evening ended. It was anything like passion love in the bedroom but it was something that will always stick out in my mind. We sat on the couch watching the movie when he leaned over and kissed my cheek. I looked over at him and he smiled.

"What?" I asked curiously.

He shrugged before placing his lips mere inches from my ear. He softly whispered, "Out of curiosity what did you wish for anything on New Years?"

I blushed before replying that I had wished for something exciting to happen this year. Then he smiled brightly at me and I realized that I had had the best wish come true ever. Not only had my wish come true and it had been an exciting year so far, I knew it wasn't over by a long shot.

Now I won't tell you that everything is perfect because this is not the last day of my life and I can't tell you how it all turned out, but right now so far I'm saying that the life that lies ahead of me is going to be filled with magical moments and great memories. I look over at Rowan who is laughing along with the other guys and our eyes met. He smiled brightly before mouthing 'I love you'. This might not be the most conventional life but it's mine and I'm going to enjoy it.

The End



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