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Chapter 1

I crawled out of bed on the morning of the first day back at school with a groan. I walked into the bathroom and climbed into the shower washing all the sleep away. When I stepped out of the shower I put my damp brown hair up into a towel and changed into clothes for the day. A long sleeved red blouse and a pair of blue jeans were my wardrobe of the day. I let my hair fall down after I was dressed and looked at the mess of curls and waves that my hair was when it was not brushed. I turned the blow dryer on and began my daily ritual of arguing with my hair.

"Dest, are you coming?" my sister called up the stairs not wanting to be late for the first day back.

"Mary, I'll be right down. I'm just gathering up stuff," I said lying through my teeth as I pulled out my toothbrush and began to multitask.

My light brown eyes were filled with curiosity and sleep making a deadly combo. I grabbed my backpack and threw my hairbrush inside. I had my wallet hidden inside my bag so I didn't have to carry a purse. I grabbed my car keys and rushed down the stairs. I grabbed whatever there was to eat and rushed to the door where, my sister, Mary was waiting in all her school garb. Her hair was in a ponytail and she wore jeans and a sweater she got for Christmas. I opened the door shouting a goodbye to my mom before heading out to my Ford Escort in the front yard.

We climbed inside and I started the engine while shoving my food down my throat. We drove off down the road and in no time we were in front of my sister's school. Mary climbed out waving to me before running off to meet her friends. I shook my head before checking the lane and pulling out to head to my school that was one block over. When I pulled into the parking lot I noticed a crowd was gathering around the car that was parked two spaces away from where I park. I ignored it figuring it was a rich kid with a new car paid for by daddy. I climbed out and was met with the sounds of Three Days Grace blaring over the speakers. I knew that I had to meet this kid if he was big of a fan of rock music as I was.

"Destiny! Come here!" I heard a voice call and looked over to see my friend Aura Davis waving me over.

Aura was the pretty girl and popular in her own right. When we were little however we used to be made fun of all the time by a boy who moved away. He had called us stupid and weird because of our names even though his name was weird as well. I think he thought it would take the heat off of him, but that only worked until I had a fight with him after school and he ended up pinning me to the ground. I won't say what happened after I was pinned to the ground because I chose to block those memories but lets just say he stole my first kiss and be done with it. I was nine at the time too.

"Destiny!" Aura called again flicking her blonde hair over her shoulder in annoyance her hazel eyes flashing.

"Hold on let me get my junk," I replied grabbing my book bag and throwing it on before shutting my car door and locking it.

I walked over to where Aura was standing. I noticed that she was at the heart of the crowd so I had to do some pushing to get through. Once I got to the front I was stopped dead in my tracks as dark blue eyes looked up into my own. I saw a flash of surprise and amusement in his own before a smirk appeared on his face. I felt my blood boil a bit when I began to feel the arrogance come off him in waves.

"Destiny, you will never guess who this is!" Aura said placing an arm around me.

"Who is he, Aura?" I asked deciding to play dumb and noticing the slight hurt in his eyes when he realized that I didn't know him.

"This is Rowan Shane or as everyone here is calling him 'Sole Survivors' lead singer!" Aura said like it was no big deal that I was playing stupid.

"Cool, nice to meet you," I said sticking my hand out and feeling slight tingles when he took my hand.

"No, it's nice for me to meet you," he replied quietly and grasped my hand tighter.

"Rowan has transferred here for the remainder of the school year. He's a senior like us although I have no clue why he would choose our school of all places," Aura said going on ignoring the fact that Rowan had not released my hand.

I stared at the boy in confusion. I felt the tingles of remembrance but could not place the features at all. The rest of the crowd was watching us intently. I didn't even realize Aura had stopped speaking when Rowan had moved his other arm around my waist. It hit me when I felt his fingers brush my back what was going on and I kicked him in the shin before stepping away. I don't know what made me kick him but I knew I needed to step away from him. I looked at him for a minute more before walking away.

"Destiny!" I heard Aura call but I kept walking not wanting to look back.

When I stepped into the school building I was met with my best guy friend Henry, and another girl I know named Lauren. I smiled and hugged the both laughing and Henry gave me a giant bear hug. I had known Henry since fifth grade and Lauren moved in last year and we became fast friends. Henry is tall and thin with green eyes and red hair, and sadly to say he has the temper of a red head. Lauren, on the other hand, has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes.

"Did you hear about our mysterious new transfer student?" Henry asked letting me go and leaning back against the locker next to him.

"Hate to break this to you, Hen, but he's not really mysterious. He's some playboy singer from the band 'Sole Survivors'," I replied beginning to walk down the hallway. Lauren was the first to catch up with me and I could tell from her dropped jaw and amazed expression that she wanted complete details.

"I can't believe that!" I heard Henry call from farther down the hall before he began running to catch up with Lauren and I.

"Believe it, buddy. Aura introduced me to him out in the parking lot. Then I kicked him in the shin for putting his arms anywhere near me," I said with a laugh walking to my own locker and starting to put the combo in.

"DESTINY!" I heard from the end of the hall and turned my head to find Aura looking pissed and stomping towards me.

"Why is Aura pissed?" Henry asked looking at the girl who looked like she was ready to kill me.

"Because of how I reacted to the 'amazing' Rowan Shane," I replied and leaned against the locker next to my own.

"What the hell were you thinking?" she yelled getting into my face.

"Girl, back off. We've known each other too long for me to want to hit you now," I replied with a small smile.

"Destiny, Rowan Shane was hitting on you and you totally kicked him! What was going through your mind? I can't believe you would throw away a shot at a chance with a famous guy!" she ranted and I had to shake my head at the ideas in this girl's head.

"Listen Aura, I didn't want him and why would I want to be another girl on that boys mantle?" I replied grabbing my books and walking when I heard the first bell ring.

"It's Rowan Shane from the hottest group around. You have to be kidding me!" Aura said rolling her eyes but saying no more.

"Aura, if you want him that bad go for him," I replied stopping suddenly in the hallway.

"That's just it. You didn't hear what he said after you walked away. He said 'she'll be mine' and followed you with his eyes as you walked away. Then he didn't speak to a single girl even remotely romantically after you left. He has his sights set on you!" Aura said and I just stared at her in disbelief.

"Aura, if that's what he wants then he will learn quickly I'm not a toy," I replied and walked into the classroom, leaving Aura to follow.

Aura and I are friends, yes, but we have our differences. Aura for example likes to be popular while I could care less, don't get me wrong I'm not on the bottom of the food chain or anything. Aura is a cheerleader, but that doesn't bug me. The only thing that bugs me is her obsession with guys. One week she will be dating one guy and the next she will be dating two others.

I'll confess something here. I have only had one boyfriend and that was Henry back in seventh grade. I never kissed him though and I don't think he ever wanted to kiss me either. Now it's my senior year and I'm one of the few girls in this school with "virgin lips", as Aura calls them. Since then however Aura has been trying to set me up with any guy possible and most of the time she ends up just going out with them herself.

"Destiny Rivers!" I heard a voice call in annoyance and I looked up at the teacher. I had been so lost in my thoughts that I didn't even notice when the teacher began to call row.

"Here! Sorry Mrs. Gregg," I replied and looked back down.

"The next name I can't pronounce is it Row-an or Row-on?" the teacher asked and looked at the seat next to me.

My head jerked to the right and I noticed for the first time that 'Rowan Shane' was sitting in the seat Henry normally occupies. I looked around the room for Henry and noticed that he was sitting in the very front. He caught my eye and shrugged not answered my nonverbal question. I rolled my eyes and tried to ignore the eyes on me and the eyes on the guy next to me who was answering the teacher's question.

The teacher began to talk about what we would discuss this semester and I found myself sitting there about to go to sleep. I had just placed my head on the table and closed my eyes when I felt a piece of paper being pushed under my arm. I slowly sat back up and looked around my eyes finally landing on the boy next to me. I rolled my eyes and opened the paper not really caring what he had written.

Dear Destiny,

I hate to sound like a child but I must. I know something you don't know! It turns out that our schedules are exactly the same, well that was with a bit of help, and I must admit that I'm going to get every seat next to you as well. I have my eyes set on you and I don't take no, so I will win your heart. See you're giving me inspiration for a new song as well speak. ;-) I hope you understand where I'm coming from.


I let out a growl and ripped up the paper. I then waited until the teacher's back was turned and gave the boy the finger. He just smiled sweetly and pretended he was tucking it away from a later date. I just knew that this boy was going to cause me problems. I looked at the ceiling and let out a prayer that something would help me get away from this situation. I looked up trying to catch Henry's eye and when I finally did I made slashing motions across my throat to signal that I was going to kill him.

The bell finally rang and I jumped up from the chair ignoring the looks I received from other students and shoved my way out the door. At the door I ran into Aura who was looking pissed and grabbed my arm as soon as I exited the room. I tried to keep moving dragging Aura down the hallway with me. I finally stopped outside my locker and with a growl let all my anger out and kicked the door.

"Damn, what is your issue?" Aura asked finally noticing that she wasn't the only one who was pissed.

"The reason I'm like this is the reason you are mad at me. That bastard of a singer sent me a note talking about how he was going to get me. Like hell he will!" I screamed out grabbing my books and slamming my locker shut.

"Why don't you give him a chance?" Aura asked in subdued tones trying to tread lightly when I was acting this insane.

"Not likely," was all I said before I gave a wave and walked to my class.

When I stepped inside I noticed that all the seats had labels. I knew then that he couldn't have a chance to sit next to me because this teacher liked the new students at the front. I looked for my name and once I found it I sat down happily. All the other students came sauntering in and took their seats and I watched all the seats around me fill up. I watched as Rowan walked in and a smile lit on his face when he saw me. I watched him walk towards me and run a finger over my desk before stepping behind me and sitting in the only open desk. The desk right behind me, which I had conveniently forgotten about. I groaned before dropping my head and hitting it against the table a couple of times.

The next class period went by uneventful except Rowan kept twirling my hair around his finger throughout the entire class. I pulled away once and ended up hurting myself more than bothering him so I just let him do it. Once the assignment was passed out I expected him to stop but sadly to say he did not and continue to twirl my hair with one hand and do his work with the other. I got up as I usually do and walked from the room ignoring him and trying as hard as I could not to turn around and beat the crap out of him.

The rest of the day passed on in much the same way and by the end of the day I was ready to plant my fist up his nose. At the end of sixth period, which is the last class I have for the day, I waited for all the kids to leave before I cornered him. He waited like he knew this was going to happen. I stepped up into his face and stomped on his foot. He looked shocked and then reached down to grab his leg.

"What is your deal?" he asked sitting down in a chair.

"You send me a note, you won't leave me alone, and you transfer into all my classes like a stalker would and you have the nerve to ask me that! What is your deal buddy because believe me I am so curious to know what makes your freaky mind tick!" I yelled and began walking back and forth.

"Nothing, I just saw a pretty girl and decided I would get to know her better. Is something wrong with that?" he replied not meeting my gaze.

"There would be nothing wrong with that if that was what your true goal was," I replied and grabbed my book bag out of my chair.

"Listen Destiny," he began but I put a hand up.

"No you listen. I don't know you and right now I really don't want to so if you even want to be my friend you are going to have to do a bunch to make up for the way you are acting right now. Now I have to get to work but I think you should honestly step back and look at how you're acting buddy," I replied before leaving him in the room.

I didn't notice the look on his face and I had no clue he would come after me, but he did just that. When I stepped out into the parking lot I felt a hand grab my shoulder. Cars of other seniors who could leave were whizzing by as they hurried to escape the school. I looked at him in shock afraid of what he would do and when I noticed the fire in his eyes I was more than a little afraid. I tried to tug free, but he wouldn't let me.

"I'm sure as hell not who you think I am because I am not some damn stalker! I'll prove it to you if I have too, but first off I'm going to do something else that I have wanted to do for a long time," I barely heard the last part and I really don't think he wanted me to hear it.

The next thing I knew though he was pressing his lips against mine in a soft kiss. I started to struggle, but as I struggled he increased the power of the kiss. His lips slid over mine and his hands wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to him. The shock was too much for me and it took a long time for me to recover. Once I did recover I pulled back and slapped him hard across the face. I didn't stand around to see how he would react either I got to my car threw my bag in the passenger's seat and pulled roughly out of the parking lot zooming down the road.

As I pulled out onto the road that leads to my house I began wiping the tears from my eyes. I was crying because my second kiss had been stolen as well. My first kiss had been stolen by a boy who left and my second one by a famous singer who claims he will win me. I couldn't take the stress of this on my first day, but I knew I had to calm down before I walked into the house or there would be questions. I pulled into my driveway and got out of the car. I walked to the mailbox and pulled out the contents not checking them at all before walking inside the house and shutting the door.

My mother sat at the dining room table going through finances. I leaned over and gave her a hug while placing the mail on the table. I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a soda before walking down the hallway into my room and hitting the power button on my computer. Once it was on I sat down to check my mail and see who was online. I got a big surprise on both.

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