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Prologue (Daniel)

Going to New Jersey ◘

"Daniel!" screamed his father, King Arthur, from one of his many study rooms, "Come here at once!"

His extremely loud screams could be heard from all over the castle. Servants and butlers scurried around, afraid of the wrath of their king in his present mood. The work around the royal castle seemed to turn up a notch after that. The cooks in the massive kitchens of the castle started preparing lunch extra fast, the maids who were gossiping and laughing with each other immediately broke apart and went to their separate work assignments and gardeners started trimming bushes with the scrutiny of a brain surgeon.

But the person who King Arthur was mad at was nowhere to be found. Instead, he was in a closet in his room, making out with Rachel Preston, a model he met at a party.

"Daniel!" he shouted once again for him. He went over to the phone on his study table and called Baxter, Daniel's personal chief bodyguard. "Bring Daniel to me now," he told Baxter angrily.

Baxter knocked on the prince's bedroom door and said, "Prince Daniel, your father is calling for you,"

The prince broke the long make out session and let go of the blonde, blue eyed model. He stepped out of the closet and started straightening out his crumpled shirt.

"You should go now," he told Rachel, as she was straightening her tube dress and reapplying her lipstick. He opened the door and whispered to Baxter to bring the girl to the front entrance.

"Call me okay?" she said as Baxter led her downstairs to the entrance of the castle.

He didn't answer and instead walked in the opposite direction, and on towards his father's study room. It was obvious he wasn't going to call her. It was just a one time fling. Nothing more. Just as his previous short relationships with other girls. It just wasn't him to call a girl. They called him. After all, he was the prince of Standania.

Sixteen years ago, in the country of Standania, King Arthur and Queen Theresa, rulers of the country, became the proud parents of a little boy which they named Daniel. He was born with a silver spoon jammed into his big snobby mouth. Growing up, he had everything a little boy could ever want. He was an only child and was the heir to the crown of Standania. He never had to lift a finger and because of his lifestyle, would never understand how it would be like to have responsibility. He had everything money could buy and the love of his parents. And he always used it to his advantage.

For his fourth birthday, he had received what seemed to be an endless supply of Lego toys, (plus workers to build Lego towns for him, both miniature and life size), a set of very expensive customized golf clubs and a battery operated mini cooper which he drove everywhere within the castle grounds until he got bored and received a battery operated Ferrari. Four years and ten nannies later(he always drove his nannies insane), he had a German shepherd which he named Richie, a small theme park built just for him, five Rolex watches as big as his wrists and a rare collection of toy cars. By the time he was thirteen years old, he had six platinum credit cards, and his own personal body guard named Baxter.

Yes, he grew up to be an arrogant and selfish young man, but a very handsome young man at that. He had his mother's soft plump lips, high cheek bones and her big striking blue eyes, which were always the first thing you would notice about him. He had his father's strong firm jaw, sharp nose, (which he always kept up in the air), wavy chestnut colored hair, a sexy deep voice with a British accent and of course a very massive ego. Throughout his life, his chiseled features have made every girl in his path sigh and swoon at the sight of him. He could have any girl he wanted with a snap of his fingers. He had money, good looks and royalty to his name. His life was a charmed one indeed, and he knew it.

He ditched taking the elevators in the castle and instead walked up the five flights of stairs which led to his father's study room. He knew his father was angry at him, so he took his own sweet time to get there. When he reached the study room, he could hear his father and his mother speaking to each other inside. He knocked on the door, and walked in. His father was standing by the floor to ceiling window and turned around to look at Daniel when he entered.

"You called me father," he said.

"Ahh, my son," his mother, beautiful as ever, stood up from where she was sitting and hugged the young prince.

When she sat back down, his father cleared his throat and went over to his study table.

"Come here Daniel," he said.

"What's the meaning of this?" his father asked him, gesturing to a newspaper on the table.

Daniel picked up the newspaper to inspect it. There on the front page news was a picture of him, holding a bottle of vodka, dancing with three girls on top of a table at a club he had went to with his friends last night. The headlines read in big capital letters, "PRINCE DANIEL THE WILD PARTIER".

"Prince Daniel, the future king of Standania, used to be thought as a polite and good influence to the people of Standania. We thought he was a gentleman to much nobility. But boy were we wrong when we caught him last night in a hot new nightclub in town getting down and dirty. He was seen drinking bottles of vodka, dancing with unidentified girls and getting very, very drunk. He was seen kissing multiple unidentified girls and letting loose. Not a role model I would want for my kids. Is this really what we want our future king to be like?"

"I've read enough," he said dropping the newspaper back onto the table.

"Daniel, do you realize what you've bloody done?" his father shouted, his face red with anger, "You've dirtied the family name. Have you no shame? You could be endangering your chances of being the king of Standania!"

"It was just a one time thing dad!" he shouted back at his father, "It's not my bloody fault I got caught by the freaking-. Wait. What do you mean I could be endangering my chances of being king?"

His father looked down and put his fingers to his temple. His mother, who had been quiet the whole time, stood up and put a hand on her husband's shoulder.

"Daniel, dear. It's nothing to worry about, she said sighing, "It's just that we've found out that next in line to be the king of Standania, after you, is your cousin Philip,"

"Although you're the rightful heir to the crown," King Arthur continued, "if somehow, the people of Standania feel your not right to be king, the next in line will stand in, which is your cousin,"

"What?" shouted Daniel disbelievingly, "That's preposterous! They can't do that, can they?"

"I'm afraid they can son. It's out of my hands," he said sighing.

There was a long uncomfortable silence. Daniel looked out of the window at the looming apple trees outside in the garden and a flock of birds flying just over the trees. Philip was a horrible person. They looked very much alike except Philip had blond hair and brown eyes. And of course, Daniel was much better looking than him. They were the same age but ever since they were young, his cousin had always made him feel inferior. Believe it or not, he was much more arrogant than Daniel was. Other than that, he was also a filthy lying scumbag. He couldn't imagine what Philip would do if he had Standania in his hands. However arrogant Daniel was, he cared about his country and wasn't going to let anyone bring it down.

"I'm sorry father," he said looking down, "Is there anything I can do to avoid it from happening?"

King Arthur looked at his wife and she nodded her head.

"Well, there is an option," he said looking at his son.

"What is it? Whatever it is I'll do it," said Daniel.

"A friend of mine suggested it, and I think it's a good idea. You'll learn a lot from the experience and hopefully the tabloids will stop badgering you," he said.

"Okay. What is it your friend suggested?" asked Daniel carefully, knowing that whatever his dad had to say, it was bad.

"Your mother and I have decided to send you to America," he said, "To finish of high school.

"Hey that'll be great," said Daniel. Maybe his parents were planning to send him to New York. He heard its pretty wild there. Full of hot chicks. Or maybe even Miami. That wouldn't be bad.

"So where are you planning to send me?" he asked smiling.

There was a pause where Daniel could practically hear drum rolls.

"New Jersey," his father said.

"What? You're kidding me right? Why can't you send me to New York or Miami," he asked incredulously.

"Because those are exactly the places where you'll get a lot of attention. And we don't need that. Especially since you seem to attract a lot of attention son. We don't need another front page news about you canoodling with some girl," said his father.

"But father! That's not fair! Shouldn't I be allowed to choose? Mother, talk to him!" he pleaded.

"Your father's right," she said smiling sadly, "It's a good experience son,"

"And I've already arranged everything. School and where you'll be staying has all been covered. You'll be going with Baxter and I'm sending down a few servants too. You can even bring Richie with you," said King Arthur.

Prince Daniel was about to open his mouth and protest again but he stopped when he saw the look on his father's face. King Arthur looked utterly rejected. His chestnut hair looked greyer and there looked to be more wrinkles on his handsome face. His deep brown eyes were full of sadness yet hope at the same time. He loved his parents. He didn't want to disappoint them. He's done that too many times already. So gulping everything he wanted to say, he smiled at his parents and said, "When do we leave?"

As Daniel packed his bags, Baxter stood by the door, watching him. The bald, thirty five year old man was big and scary looking. He was wearing HIS usual uniform which consisted of a black suit, white button down shirt, black tie, and a pair of dark sunglasses. Very men in black. Daniel didn't like being watched 24/7, but they had a mutual understanding and had put up boundaries.

Daniel bent down to pat his dog, Richie as he was lying on the floor. Suddenly, he thought of a great idea.

"Baxter, I've just thought of a great idea," said Daniel, looking at Baxter while he folded a shirt.

Baxter's face which usually held an evil glare, lips turned down, broke into a smirk. He was often involved in his employer's great ideas and the turn outs weren't always favorable. But sometimes they were the only excitement in his boring "action packed" life so he usually went on with the prince's ideas.

"And what is it this time, your highness?" he asked.

Daniel put his fingers to his chin and started stroking it.

"I've been living my life as a famous, rich but spoiled brat," he said, "And I know you think it's true,"

"Oh I don't know, Prince Daniel. Maybe," said Baxter, smiling.

"It's true. I'm an arrogant and selfish person," said Daniel.

"Don't be too hard on yourself. You can't help the kind of person you are," said Baxter smiling wider.

"I'm not. I know it's true. Everyone in Standania probably thinks so," said Daniel, "But I was thinking, the people in New Jersey probably don't know me. Our country is pretty small,"

"What are you trying to say?" asked Baxter, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.

"Well, I was just thinking. Maybe, I can be a normal person for once. Go through the school year without people knowing who I really am. You know, make up a new identity for myself. I mean I've realized that people only like me because of my nobility," said Daniel.

"You're very insightful, your highness," said Baxter.

"Anyway," said Daniel giving Baxter a pointed glare which made Baxter chuckle, "I'll get to be a normal high school guy, and I'll find out if people will like me for who I am,"

"That's very smart of you, sire. I never thought you would care though," said Baxter, surprised.

"Of course I care. But of course, I know people will like me with or without my name," he said superiorly.

"That's the Daniel I know. I thought I was losing you," said Baxter sarcastically.

"Anyway, we'll ride the school bus to my new school. And…..there will be a restriction order between you and me," said Daniel.

"What? I'm your bodyguard and you're giving me a restriction order?" asked Baxter incredulously.

"Just stay ten feet away from me. That's all I want. If you keep standing by me all the time, people will start finding out," said Daniel breezily.

"Fine, sire. But I'll still be watching you," said Baxter.

"I know Baxter," said Daniel smiling.

A new country, a new identity and a new life. This school year was going to be full of expectations. And Daniel couldn't wait for it to start.

Prologue (Angela)

Breaking down into nothing

All the way in New Jersey, lived sixteen year old Angela Cain. She was a smart girl and ever since she was young, had had high ambitions. Growing up, she never asked for much. Unlike other little girls, she rarely whined to her parents to get her barbie dolls, toy animals, fake tiaras or other materialistic objects. On Halloween nights, she and her twin sister Lisa would make their own Halloween costumes with their mother instead of buying them. As a little kid, she was quite grown up. She was pretty much liked by the whole community for being a nice and sweet girl. On Christmas, she and her mum would bake gingerbread men and distribute them to the old folks at the local community center and twice every year, she would round up her old clothes and toys and personally give them to the poor and needy.

She grew up to be quite a sensible girl with good principals. She wanted to live life the best way she can and had planned it all out. She would go through middle school and high school in one piece, go to the college of her dreams, become a doctor, marry a sensible guy, have five kids and retire as an old, wealthy but charitable woman who will then travel the world to help the poor and needy. And most of all, she'll be happy.

Yes, that was what her life was supposed to be like. Perfect. But then life is never perfect, is it? And it most certainly doesn't always go the way we plan it. So because of that, on Christmas morning when Angela and Lisa were only twelve years old, their father left them.

However smart Angela was, she never predicted that this would ever happen. She had always thought that their family was a happy one. But then for the few last months, her parents had started fighting a lot and shouting at each other in the middle of the night when they thought their kids were asleep. But Angela was always awake to hear them. And in the morning after a fight, her parents would act like nothing was wrong, with smiles on their faces and a hug and kiss when her dad left for work. So Angela would forget about the fights and think nothing of it. She had always thought it was just something parents did. But she was wrong.

When he left, their once happy family was broken apart. It turned out that her father had been cheating on his wife with three other women for the last ten years. Whenever he left to go on a business trip or to the gym, he was actually going to see his mistresses. For the last five years, his man-stealing-mistresses, cough slutscough, had been calling her mother and telling her what her husband had been doing with them.

Whenever her mum tried to talk to him, he would deny it and tell her to stop listening to them. He manipulated her by asking her if she trusted him and if she did, tell her that she shouldn't believe the so called nonsense. And so she didn't because she loved Angela's father. But then friends of the family started seeing her father going around with other women and so they told her. She didn't believe them and because of that, she lost her friends. But once it had all been too much to bear, she hired a private investigator to check up on her husband. And it turns out that every allegation made about him was true. She confronted him but he just kept denying it. And one day, when he knew he was busted, he just packed his bags and left without saying goodbye.

When Angela's mum told her and Lisa what happened, she just couldn't believe it. It was just too hard to think that her dad, the man who held her while she cried because she fell and scraped her knee, who read her bedtime stories he made up every night before she went to sleep until she was eight, and the man who had discouraged any physical contact between her and the opposite sex, was actually…cheating on her mother. Angela's mum had talked to her husband formally and asked for a divorce. She had gotten a lawyer and even had the papers drawn. She had signed it already and all she needed was his signature. But he never signed it. She would send the papers to him to sign but he would send them back unsigned whenever he said he would do it. It would have been easier for him to let us go, but her mum found out that if he did sign the papers, his boss, a family man, would find out and fire him. It was a disgusting reason. As the months slowly went by, Angela's mum's strength seemed to grow weaker. She had wanted to start a new life but all the stress of the cheating, the money for the lawyers and her having hardly any friends was just getting to her.

Angela had never expected any of this to happen and so she didn't know how to act, what to say or what to do with the rest of her life. Her life or what she thought had once been, had shattered to a million pieces. But Angela was stronger than her mum.

While Lisa and her mother would cry and bitch about her dad, she went on with her life and only cried at night, when she thought everyone was asleep. They were living in California but moved to New Jersey when her mother found a new job there as a pediatrician in a public hospital when Angela and Lisa were fourteen years old. The pay wasn't a lot but enough to get them by. She didn't have time to make dinner for them anymore and so they usually ordered take out or Angela would cook for them. She would clean the house, do the laundry and wash the dishes. She wasn't forced to but she just wanted to do it because it served as a distraction to her worries. And her pain. She was the strong one in the family. She was the one who always held her emotions inside. All the hurt, and the pain, and the resentment she had towards her dad had been kept in a little part of her heart. She never was one who would tell other people how she felt.

They never celebrated Christmas anymore. It didn't seem like such a merry day for them since it was when her dad left. So Christmas decorations were kept in a box in the garage and there were no more baking gingerbread men, no more Christmas trees, no more Christmas carols, no more presents and no more Christmas.

After he left, her dad hardly called them. And when he did, he sounded distant and formal. As if he was talking to a very important person. But not the kind of important person Angela was supposed to be to him. He always sounded as if nothing was wrong, like he was just on a business trip and after a few days, would come back. And Angela, always keeping her emotions sealed inside her, would talk to him just the same, as if she was talking to a teacher. He would ask her how she was and she would answer short and bluntly. When they said goodbye, there was no I love you's exchanged. And when the phone call ended, her shoulders would be slumped and there would be a sad look on her face. But she would take a breath, forget about the conversations and go on with her life. She acted like she didn't love her dad anymore. But it was just a stupid act she was putting up. No matter how much he put her, and her family through, she still loved him. And she blamed his mistresses for stealing him away from them.

But it hadn't been too easy for her mum or her sister. Her mum's face started to lose it's young and healthy glow. Everyday she started looking sicker and sicker. She started looking her age. Maybe older. She still kept her job but every once in awhile, she would go to the bookstore and get self help books. Three for her and her two kids. Sometimes she would even see a therapist. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, she would start crying and Angela would comfort her. Angela could see that her young looking and once cheerful mum was turning into a broken down wreck.

Lisa though took out her anger and resentment through another way. She would always refuse to talk to their dad when he called on the phone and she took all the pictures she had of him, tore it, and burned it. Angela knew she was hurting inside. But never knew how badly. Lisa started becoming a goth and started hanging out with bad looking strangers.

Angela knew Lisa could take care of herself, but nevertheless, she always worried about her. Since they were young they always had a connection. They had formed a bond since the day they were born that could never be broken. Sure they didn't look alike. Angela looked like her mother, with her long and straight fiery auburn hair and beautiful deep sea green eyes. And Lisa, who looked like their father, with short, curly jet black hair and patronizing grey eyes. They definitely weren't identical twins, but before they would finish each other's sentences and say things at the exact same time. They always knew how each other felt and would tell secrets to each other. They cried together and they laughed together. But recently, Angela felt like they were drifting apart. They didn't talk to each other that much anymore. They would exchange greetings when they saw each other or ask one another to pass the salt once in awhile, but other than that, nothing.

Yes, in the last four years since the divorce, the family had changed drastically. There was always an uncomfortable tension in the air and it was hard to call them a family anymore. And it was funny and strange that one man could have caused all of it. This was why Angela promised to herself to never let a man hurt her in any way. This meant building a wall around her heart and never developing feelings for any guy who crossed her path, even if they were interested in her. And that was a promise she planned to keep.

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