A/N: just a short piece of writing that turned into a larger story. here's the first chapter,or more rather, issue. R&R, i hope you like it.

She walked through the halls of her existence, her memories. Why are there no pictures to help her to re-discover what she has lost? Running her hand through her hair, she looked at the people she thought were her friends. Lost in all her problems, too confused to take the time to care, to know how they felt. They had never understood her, never took the time. Confused on whether they respected her or just went along with what she said, often she sat wondering if she would work out their feelings for her.
They all accused her with their eyes, always watching and never caring. Never noticing the way they looked at her, the girl had wandered through her high school just accepting them as her friends, people that cared about her.
She thought that she was the one who ruined her life by pushing away those that have ever meant something to her. Now she knows that she wasn't completely at fault.
Lies and gossip spread about her, and lies often hurtful, gossip completely untrue. There was maybe tow people who understood her, knew about her. But will she push them away as well? Will she cause all her pain to come flooding back like so many times before?