A/N: ok so the first issue didn't really let you in on much, so here is a second issue. its a little differernt to the first but still, i think that it give a little more into the character. onther will be introduced soon, i promise. but when that is, im not sure, a few months maybe.

Months have past, and yet, still a void lies within her, swallowing all affection she feels inside. A swirling vortex, or is it? She stands up for what she believes in once more, not letting things stop her from achieving the desires of her heart.
Reading over old letters she wonders what has changed, what made everything go haywire, and why did it all seem to happen at once? These questions and many others were now burnt into her mind, plaguing her every waking moments, and torturing her sleep. No longer do tears comfort her at night as her favourite soft toy, nor does the pain inside of her raise its sorry head.
While she can't help but wonder why everything has changed, she lives with it, no longer threatening to push those she holds so dear to her away, yet, trying to keep them close so she doesn't lose another she cares about.
She wonders why her mother is the only one who can see the kind, but trapped child within, when all everyone else can see is a lying, backstabbing bitch. She wonders why, when she does something good for others, there is no longer a lot of people who congratulate her for her efforts, just a lot of gnarled criticism. Why does she have to find out all the insults and hate that others feel from the last person she would expect? Why can they not tell her themselves?
Staring across at the computer screen she thumped at the keys, creating words on the program in front of her. Brown eyes, edged with grey scurried across the work, checking for errors in the words. Tied back is her fading chocolate hair, a semi-dye, kept out of her face in a ponytail, just like usual. Her black shirt was stretched across her breast, causing the picture upon it to become distorted, her brown, mini-skirt lying over the leather chair.
Saving the progress in her story, she turned of the computer, "Only a few more pages to go before I finish making this chapter better then what it was."
Standing, she pushed the desk chair under the computer desk and walked to turn off the light.
Walking silently across the kitchen to the fridge she pulled out a bottle of water, draining what was left of the contents before filling it up and placing it back into the fridge.
Finally she reached the door of her room, and walked through it before sluggishly tugging off her clothes and fumbling with her pjs, trying to put them on the right way in the dark. Satisfied she wandered blindly across the small room to reach her bed. Sliding inside of the covers, she pulled the sheet over her ears routinely, falling asleep as soon as she stopped moving.