Chaotic Circle

Bare with this first chapter it's for character development sorry, the next chapter's all action.

Sgt. Brian "Bucks" Johnson slammed his hand on the desk.

'God damn it!' he yelled at the portly gentleman in front of him, 'I don't like this idea!'

The gentle man stood and leaned over at the sergeant menacingly, 'I don't care if you don't like it, the pay is good, the job is simple and you will never be mentioned so you, and your team, 'he added 'have nothing to worry about.'

'It's not the money or the difficulty of the job or our identities leaking for that matter.'

'Then what is it!?' the man was getting impatient.

'It's the principles! I mean, kidnapping twelve hostages and delivering them to a man who wishes to hold them hostages to the state is just immoral!'

'Well… who woulda thunk it?' the man grinned slyly, 'a mercenary with morals now I have seen everything!' he said sarcastically.

'Don't play your games with me!' Bucks yelled.

'Calm down sergeant!' the man retorted.

'I'm sorry; I just have something of a bit of difficulty trying to understand the reason for such a waste of resources, and quite possibly men.'

'Yes well I can say I understand your predicament, but, sixteen million dollars must be worth braking the moral string per se''

'I suppose, money is money, and what do I care, right? I'm just a stupid mercenary.'

'Yes I see you get the point, im mean come on sergeant! Those people will be held hostage either way, so, why not benefit from that fact? Hmmmm?'

'Yes I guess you are right, you can tell your client we're in.'

'The man turned jubilant at those words 'excellent! You won't regret this! Make sure you go there tomorrow at 9 o'clock p.m.'

'Will do' answered Bucks grudgingly.


That afternoon Bucks walked into the kit room to see his mercenaries getting ready for the next day.

'Officer in room, hut!' at those words his team members stood to alert and saluted.

'At ease!' Bucks called, the men relaxed. 'At 2100 hours tomorrow we will be carrying out the mission entailed in your mission folders, I trust you have read the mission briefing?' his men nodded 'good, you know what to do! Get to it!'

The next day Bucks went back to the kit room to see his team ready for action, all of them were dressed in "everyday wear" as this was a covert mission, all of them had bum bags with a balaclava and throat mike inside. Bucks walked over to his second in commands Chris "Ninja" Callaway and Steve "Gunny" Parker, they stood to attention and saluted.

'At ease soldiers', Bucks said smiling

'Sir!' they said simultaneously.

'Enough with that "sir" shit it's Bucks ok stop making me feel old guys you know I don't like it when you make me feel old.'

'Yeah we know we were just taking the piss sarge' said the tall muscular Australian, Gunny.

'Yeah sarge we were just taking the piss' agreed Ninja, Gunny's best friend.

'And don't call me sarge either!' said Bucks mock angrily 'goddammit!'

'Yes Bucks we wont' said the men, "not for a while anyway" they thought.

Bucks went on down the line inspecting his mercenaries gear one by one, while Gunny and Ninja got back to checking their gear and weapons, Gunny was packing a snub nose silenced .38 revolver and a silenced mp5k sub machine gun, Ninja, on the other hand was a hand to hand fighter hence his code name, he was packing two cyanide syringes, three carbon-steel throwing knives and a razor sharp k-bar knife so sharp you could shave with it with ease. Both Ninja and Gunny were Australian by birth and had flown to America the moment they were old enough to walk out the door, when they got there they both joined the USMC and both climbed the ranks at an astonishing rate. As Ninja specialized in hand to hand fighting he got the honour award for the best carried out search and rescue stealth mission without firing a shot. Gunny, on the other hand was an excellent shot, top of the USMC and top in every military group in the world. This although, was not why he climbed the ranks so fast it was because he was reckless, disregarding all the rules and regulations to get the job done. In their last mission before leaving the marines they both got the congressional medal of honour for bravery and outstanding courage for they saved four scientists from NASA from the French prison, in which they almost died.

To the left of them stood private first class Vicki "Viper" Preston, wearing a pear of jeans and a Hawaiian t-shirt. Viper joined the band of mercenaries because her family had a long line of military action, but, because she was a girl she didn't raise in the ranks despite her extreme stamina and lingual excellence, Sergeant Bucks recruited her because he saw these traits and realised that she could be a critical part of any overseas operation.

Next down the line was Clark "Twitch" Smith so named because of his tendency to pull the trigger and hold it until the clip goes dry, the marines dishonourably discharged him because he could be a danger to his team mates in a battlefield situation. One thing they looked over is the fact that he was an absolute computer whiz and his twitch also helps his motor skills and typing reflexes.

Twitches brother John "HQ" Smith was named for the fact that he majored in military tactics and operations, in so doing got to the point he was military director for battlefield operations. Bucks hired him for that fact because a battle plan is half the war as he always says.

Buck's cousin was changing into his "read between the lines" shirt. Geoff "Cooler" Johnson was named "Cooler" because of the movie "The Cooler" in which the Cooler just waves his hands over a game of poker and everybody's luck turns bad. Cooler does the same thing with the enemy. He can stand right in front of an enemy soldier and they will just melt and shoot everything except him. This has only happened once or twice.

Next in line along the kit room wall was an American also, James "Bridge" Kindler was, as were all of his teammates, a rouge marine with nothing but utter disregard for the rules. Bridge was so named because of his major in psychology; he is able to "bridge the gap" mentally, so to speak.

Charlie was, really, the only person to have quit the marines because he didn't like it, and to spite his father, Charlie's father was a marine, as was his mother and grandfathers on both sides. Charlie quit because his father kept pushing for him to get better with stamina, better with shooting, better with hand to hand combat and so on. Charlie was also the only member whom nobody knew anything about, his codename was Charlie, they didn't even know his real name but they didn't want to, he was good, and that was it.


Once Bucks inspected every ones gear he called every one to attention.

'Soldiers! Hut!' they all stood to attention 'OK ladies and gentlemen, this is a big one, everybody after this mission will be getting their fair share of sixteen million dollars' the men smirked 'so do it right and it should go without a hitch, uagh!'

'Uagh!' the men replied