The black Humvee stretch limousine pulled up to the mansion right in time for the party. Inside Bucks and his team tensed themselves for the job ahead. They'd been through it a hundred times before, but there was always a sense of foreboding grimness about it.

"Ok team, we've been through the plans before, just stay cool and focused and it'll go off without a hitch." Bucks said encouragingly.

"Sure boss," the team replied in unity. The team left the limousine and walked towards the solid oak doors. They passed two security guards where Viper and Ninja broke off and stuck knives through their spinal chords, cutting all the necks leaving them lifeless, clean and simple. The rest of the team proceeded forward through the oak doors and into the foyer. It was huge, with giant corrugated Greek marble pillars lining the walls, creating a hallway of sorts. Chandeliers and flowerpots filled with beautiful carnations and hanging vines hung from the roof and under the balcony, and huge marble archways lining the walls rose out of the beautifully polished teak floor for entrance to adjoining rooms.

The party was being held in the games room in the backyard, surrounded by guards with the obvious Uzi and pistol bulges under their jackets.

"Amateurs," grunted Gunny, "fucking amateurs." Suddenly a hand tapped him on the shoulder and he whirled around, gun in hand.

"Whoa! Hold it buddy I ain't the enemy." Said Ninja, his friendly face shining like the sun.

"Sorry, just don't sneak up on me like that OK?"

"Yeah, OK, no problem, can do, yes sir, definitely, alright, yep"



Gunny counted four guards, two on patrol, and two guarding the door. Gunny put down his briefcase and snapped the locks open, revealing an S.L.R Z5SD, and put it together. He set up a bundle of cloth to act as a stabiliser and took aim. He breathed in and let out half of it, letting the crosshairs waver and settle on the temple of one of the patrolling guards that was on patrol.

"Goodbye fucker," he said softly into the scope as he pulled the trigger. The rifle jumped and let out a whizzing zip! The guards head disappeared and a pink mist divulged, leaving the guard's body to fall down in an almost slow motion flat out fall. Gunny retook aim on the second patrolling guard and casually let another bullet fly, quickly and quietly killing him.

Bucks watched the guards bodies fall and then gave Ninja and Viper to do what they do. Ninja and Viper both jumped out of a nearby window and ran towards the back shed which they climbed up and gracefully climbed onto the roof, where they slid towards where the guards were standing. They both rigged their abseil lines and hung upside down by their feet. They slowly descended so that their heads were level with the guard's. Ninja snapped his guard's neck with a quick twist while Viper inserted a knife into her guard's neck.

With that done they got Charlie, the demolitions expert, to set demolition charges on the hinges of the door. Bucks counted to three and set off the charges. The door fell outwards and the team stormed in. Gunny saw a man reach for a gun and put a bullet through his wrist. The rest were taken outside and put on the lawn tied together. Gunny wricked his ears up as he swore he heard a muffled clutter and a "Shit!" but thought nothing of it. He walked over to Bucks.

"Hey Bucks sir!"

"Yes Gunny, what is it?" Bucks replied impatiently.

"Nothing, but a good job sir."

"Jolly good, well let's get these buggers out of hereā€¦" Bucks trailed off as one of the prisoner's heads exploded and he heard the whirr of a machine gun.

"Get down!" Bucks yelled as the machine gun opened up and red hot tracers started blowing everything around him to pieces. Ninja and Gunny were smart; as soon as the first shot was fired they instinctively dived behind a shed. They looked out as suddenly other muzzle flashes ensued from the bushes, tearing apart their comrades.

"Oh shit!" was all Ninja could say as Bucks and the rest of the team were shredded by the hail of ruthless gunfire. The gunfire stopped and Ninja and Gunny pulled out their guns and started firing, shooting at nothing ion particular. Gunny's, and soon after Ninja's guns ran dry so they holstered then just as Gunny saw a leg appear underneath a raised wall. He remembered his .45 long single shot Silhouette pistol and got it out. He took careful aim and pulled the trigger. The gun bucked and ensued a great walloping BANG! He saw the leg he shot at turn into a pink mist. He heard a yell and then something in Spanish and then retreating footsteps.

"They're gone!" Gunny finally said.

"Whew," said Ninja. Gunny and Ninja clambered over to their fallen friends and found nobody alive. Their whole mercenary unit had been expertly massacred. They took their weapons and left, but not before Gunny took out a G.P.S device and turned it on.

"What are you doing?" asked Ninja.

"Tracking bullet, little mother hen will lead us right to the coop and then we can go and blow the fucking shit out of them for what they did."