She had me wrapped around her fingers, I felt so dumb to fall In love

with a girl who was married with my bestfriend, how could I tell him

I was In love with his wife..It would destroy our friendship, but she made

me feel chills all over..we made love right In her bed, she said she

wasn't sure If she could truly love me, she wanted to stay married to

him because of there precious babies, which were 1year and 3 of age, those

could've been my children I thought, only If I hadn't left her In high school

, we would be together like destiny intented for us. They had a perfect

relationship, I just could'nt betray my bestfriend for falling In love with

my highschool sweetheart, which was now his newlywed wife. It just killed

me to know I loved her so much..I just wanted her to continue her beautiful

life with Gregory forever. For week's we kept apart and we both suffered

the pain of not being with eachother ever again. I just had to fall In love

with someone else...but I hated the Idea of not being with my true lover.

Now month's had past and I finally met another woman who I could fall

In love with, She wasn't anything like Myra, But I had to a least try to

fall In love with another woman than Myra. Me and Nicole became very

close lovers, but It wasn't quite passionate like me and Myra's love was.

A year had past and I had recieved shocking news from a friend, I was

so deeply stunned and sadly depressed..I was told that gregory had died. I wasn't

told the cause of death, but told he died that morning the sad news was revealed

to me over the phone. That same day I was even more stunned of shocking news

That Nicole had Died also from an tragic event, I was told that Nicole had been

In a car accident and Died Instantly. I just couldn't believe such horrible

strucking news upon one day. My bestfriend and my current lover were

now dead, I had no one but myself In this world, I could never love anyone else.

The next day Myra and her children had arrived at my house, Myra just

ranned to me with such a empty sadden then looked upon eachother and

My love for her then broke loose upon me..I just could'nt help myself, but

love more news appeared upon me, Myra then told me that Gregory

had died also In a car accident, I just couldn't believe It. Then out of the

ordinary..we both found out that Gregory and Nicole were killed In the same

car accident upon crashing to eachother. I just couldn't believe how

weird that was. Later that week Timmy had an blood-confusion-stroke

, he was only four of age, He needed a blood tranplant seriously asap

or he could die Instantly, He needed a match, but Myra wasn't, The

doctor told us only the father could have this kind of match, Myra then started

to cry,cause Gregory was dead, She knew now Timmy would die, But then

The doctor Told me to take a test, and It was so weird, cause my blood,

was the exact match, but only a father's blood could be the match. Me and

Myra felt deeply confused, We sex only one time, So we asumed Gregory

the father of both children, But Myra never got a D.N.A test on gregory.

I then took a D.N.A test for both of the children and I was told, I was

The father of both children. It just felt so strange...and I thought what

If Gregory was really the father of Timmy, Timmy would had died. Me

and Myra knew we loved eachother over the years, but we never knew love

could overpower us to be destine the years, Me, Myra and the children became a loving family and had two more children, We named them

Nicole and gregory. I guess Even though we weren't watching over eachother,

Love watch our every move In life and made It our destiny to be together

forvever. For some strange reason we didn't see It coming, But love did.