Better Off Without Her

Being told I'm not allowed to be friends with her

Was the hardest thing I had ever heard

So I chose the only thing I could choose

Cast her away, pack it all up, and just go home

Everything that is a reminder is gone

This is how I deal with a break up from someone I used to love

In the blink of an eye I felt emotions swirl through me

Confusion, hate, and sadness…took hold of me

But I'm better off being without her anyway

I feel like I have control of my life again

I had forgotten for a time yet when suddenly

She passed by as I walked to the mall with my family

Rage and fright leapt into my heart setting it on fire

Part of me wanted to scream while the other just looked away

I don't want to be her friend anymore

Not after what we had gone through

I don't need anyone but my friends and family

I was severely wounded and I wish I had never gotten caught up in this mess