Decisions often require courage

It will be apparent that this introduction was written after the essay itself. This was because I had to make a decision, one that required an enormous amount of courage. Whether it be arduous or effortless, every decision has the capacity to change at least one aspect of a person's life. As a result, a decision will require at least some courage to make because every decision has outcomes, good and bad. The problem that I was faced with while writing the essay not only required plenty of courage, but needed a decision to be made quickly as well. It was very stressful. However, the decision was made and the essay was written, and the outcome will be a good one. I hope.

Silence. That was the only thing that I could concentrate on. Occasionally the sound of rustling papers could be heard, and the ticking of the clock was consistent, but somehow all sounds that were made passed my ears. The heart in my chest thumped frantically, almost as if it wanted to leave my body completely, and the air around me became stifling. With a trembling hand, I reached for the black pen that glinted at me mockingly. Glancing at the blank piece of paper in front of me, I tried to think of what I could write. Should I improvise, or should I use the idea I already had?

That was my problem. When writing an essay for English in class, every minute is crucial. However, there I was, twenty minutes into the allotted time for writing the essay, with a blank page and no idea what to write. 'Decisions often require courage' was the topic. I had come to class with an idea of what I was going to write, and I was going to write about it – until I heard the topic. At that point all thoughts of what I was going to write ran out of my head as if they were being chased by a lion. In the ten minutes that followed, I managed to find my ideas and attempt to develop them, being highly unsuccessful in the latter. It was then that I seriously considered just writing about me deciding on what to write. Would I risk it? I had an idea ready, a hopelessly undeveloped idea, but and idea nevertheless. At least I knew what to write for it. If I decided to write about me deciding what to write in an essay, it may get dangerously confusing. So with what required all my courage, I made a decision to write about the latter.

Now here I am, writing out the last paragraph of the story in my essay. The words seem to pour out of me, and thankfully, my heart has regulated its beating pattern. It's like a wild animal that has been tamed. The reason my pen is shaking is not because of trembling hands, but because of the words that I am trying to put on this page. I an breathing comfortably, and the occasional sounds of scratching pens and flipping papers do not fall upon deaf ears. I do not know whether the decision I made was a good one, but I do know that because of it, I am no longer acting like the world is about to end.

The amount of courage people have determines their willingness to accept the consequences of their decisions. Every decision a person makes takes courage, and it is through these decisions that make us who we are. Like how my past decisions have defined me to be who I am today.

Alright... so this piece of writing was obviously written in class. It was for us to practice writing for the provincials. We were supposed to incorporate a past story of something that happened to us into the essay so that it worked with the topic that was given.

My English teacher, yes, the iniquitous workaholic, read this out in class as an example of what not to write about for the provincial. Imagine my embarrassment. And she said that she would only read the beginning paragraph… but then she ended up reading the whole thing… soo… I almost died when she came to the part about my ideas being chased out of my head by a lion… I needed some similes oKAY?!

Lol… anyways… disregarding my mortification when this was read outloud in class… I was actually proud of this essay… considering I did it in class and all, and I thought that it was pretty smart of me too… haha, so did my teacher. To quote: "It was actually quite a clever idea. Just not something you'd write for the Provincials." Cue an amused-smirkish-glance at my direction.

So I hope that you guys enjoyed it. I'll be putting more pieces of my writing up. Mostly from English… cause I can't seem to think of any good ideas otherwise… so until next time…