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A Relationship

What shocked Kiera most about Duncan MacLean was not that he was arrogant, stubborn, bull-headed or persistent. No, that was expected coming from his family. Those traits could probably be traced back to their ancestors, when they had been at the head of their own clan in the Scottish Highlands.

Now what shocked Kiera was that Duncan was still pursuing her when she had fully told him that she was in love with another man and was engaged to him because he was her one true love. One would think that would sort of put off the man, but it didn't. Not to Duncan.

What was it that he had said? Oh yes, after Kiera informed him of her unavailability, he had given her a hard look. His grey eyes, that reminded Kiera of the colour of slate, roamed her body and even lingered in places. Then when Kiera was properly unsettled and her face flushed, his deep, silken smooth voice rumbled something about possession being nine tenths of the law.

"I'm not a possession," Kiera had stated firmly and then added, "I don't belong to you."

He leaned closer to her then, bringing his clean, masculine scent with him. Kiera didn't think he wore cologne or even aftershave. If he did, it was subtle. Usually when he got close like he was at that moment, Kiera could only smell his soap and another scent which she had identified as Duncan.

His lips, which were often quirked in that sexy, confident smirk of his and always begged to be kissed, were only inches away from her own and parted to release a puff of breath against her lips. A shiver of excitement raced through her.

"You'll belong to me soon, Kiera Adams. You can mark my word on that," he stated.

How did one respond to that kind of arrogance?

Kiera had heard people talking about Duncan's amazing talent when it came to business. When he wanted something, it didn't matter how many obstacles were put in his path, Duncan barreled through and eventually acquired what he wanted.

He wanted Kiera now.

However, Duncan had wanted a lot of woman before her and probably even more after her. The man had never even been in a relationship before. She bet words like 'commitment' and 'fidelity' gave Duncan nightmares. She would be damned before she became another conquest of the town playboy.

Even if he was too handsome for his own good and had more charm than should be legal.