The next day came and it was time for school to begin again. My day was shit.

An early frost came late last night and it froze up my car, so I couldn't get it started. I had to ride the bus. Only problem with that is I don't know when the bus comes to pick us up. 20 minutes later it finally showed up at the bus stop. Apparently it was late today too, and since the bus was late I had to stand outside on this fine frosty morning the whole time. Needless to say I was just a tad cold.

Then the school day came. Oh joy. Teachers collected homework that was never really assigned, and since only that special perfect kid in the class-in this case Brittany Caldwell-had it done. Everyone else was assigned even more homework including the paper that was supposedly due today. This happened 6 times, out of my 9 class day. Lunch, which is my last hour, which sucks normally, was a blessing and a curse for me. No one talked to me-I'm not that popular of a person-so I didn't have to deal with anyone else's problems but mine. And mine at this moment is a particularly heinous problem.

The Devil.

He isn't real, he can't be. And even if he is, why would he be here? Springfield is not that large of a town and it's not that interesting either. Not to mention, why me? There are too many unanswered questions. So, I decided I must have dreamed it all up. I have an active imagination, who knew? I thought I was just a sarcastic know-it-all freak. Now, I'm an imaginative, sarcastic know-it-all freak, although now I can just condense it into one word.

A weirdo.

Ha! I just called myself a weirdo. Who needs enemies when my own mind can belittle myself in ways others can't.

My mind uses honesty to tell me what I really am, and honestly I don't care. I'm a very passive person. I can stay so quiet that people forget I'm even there or alive at all. Seriously, all you have to do is sit someplace, anywhere, and people won't notice you unless if you speak. And I. Don't. Speak.

I guess it does get a little lonely sometimes, but what other choice do I have?


My last class is finally over and I can return home, but first I have to wait for the bus.

"Home Sweet Home!" I exclaimed as I walked into the house. I ran upstairs and I tossed my book bag onto my bed. "So much homework, I hope all of my teacher's burn in Hell."

I felt a presence come up next to me and I turned around while swinging.

"Hey now, is that any way to treat someone who's here to help you?" It was him. I nearly screamed, I had just convinced myself that it wasn't the Devil I saw yesterday. He locked my body down just like he had the other day and continued. "Now, about your teachers…I could actually take them there and let them burn if you just say the word." He smiled coldly, "Just think how wonderful it would be to make them deal with what they give you."

I glared at him. "I'm not going to be persuaded to the dark side, so don't even bother. I know what happens to people that mess with the Devil."

"The media. God's way of telling me to give up." He looked straight at me, but I looked away. "Alright, I'm going to have to use other ways of persuasion.

"You know, a lot of people use me and live long and successful lives. I'm not the evil one here, it's just how people use what I give them." His smile feel and I was finally able to move my body again, "For instance, did you know that Marilyn Manson is one of my clients? You see how famous and successful he is, and how happy he is with his life. Before me, he was just another boy trying to make it in the world."

I pictured him in my mind and shuddered, "I can see how he'd be involved with you. He's one really creepy person."

"Well there are others that are only where they are now because of me. Do you know why Bill Gates is always giving his money to charities? He's trying to make up for selling his soul to me. He feels guilty, but look at him. His wife would've never given him a second look if she saw that he was a bank accountant. Now, he has love, money, and even some beautiful children to pass on his good name."

I was stunned. Bill Gates? Wow. "But why would someone be so stupid to self their soul when we're only here for a little while? The afterlife is probably going to be a lot longer then this life."

"Well, the afterlife is not always going to be good, even if you were a saint in this life. And if you don't have someone to spend this life with, who are you going to spend the next life with?" He shrugged.

My jaw dropped. "You mean, you have to find love in this life or be alone in the next?"

"Technically, you can always find love, but let's just say you're chances are much better at finding it in this life then in the next. At least that's what the statistics say, 6-to-1 that you'll find it in this life and 64-to-1 in the next." He smiled. He knew he had caught me.

Being alone now doesn't faze me, but being alone like this forever. Is it possible to commit suicide in the afterlife?

"Just tell me what to do." I suddenly heard myself say.

A/N: Like it? I don't know about the whole Bill Gates thing, so sorry about that I do know that Marlyn Manson is part of the Satan cult thing, although I'm not positive if he sold his soul to him.