What she (should have) said (but didn't know)

-And s(he saw him and )he was beautiful, like a drowning angel, she says.
-She needed to be broken (but only by him), she says.
-She was running out of oxygen, and she (and he) needed to be fixed (together), she says.
-Otherwise I wouldn't have meddled (I would have done nothing to save her from her narcissistic fate), she says.
-I'm not a meddler (but I couldn't resist tearing her in half), she says.
-She seemed trapped (well paradoxes are the hardest mazes), she says.
-And (he is) no-one (to me, or) else (I would have known that he) would help, she says.
-And I might (not) be wrong, (I'm definitely not right) but I thought this place was the best place to bring her (without him), she says.
-And I hope you can help her (to forget her religion), she says.
-Because she seems to have lost her focus, (well he keeps moving, how can she keep it?) she says.
-And I understand that this is going to cost (but not much, for I will have nothing cut from my soul), she says.
-But I'm prepared to sacrifice if it will help her (a regular messiah I am), she says.
-Because I (pretend to) love her (because there's too much hate out there in the world for me to keep my love inside where it belongs) she says.
-Sign on the dotted line? Certainly, she says (and sells another soul to the devil to save her own pitiful casket)
-When would you like me to come back? (How does never sound?) she says. (Fabulous.)
-Just put my daughter's name in the brackets, did you say? (Well they don't need any more than that) she says. (Because parentheses never lie, and you can leave all the half-truths outside in the rain)
-T(hey will t)hank you (one day) doctor, she says. (When they realise that you have more power than God)

(And God's an atheist, like her)

Hey! I did actually write an explanation for this when I first wrote it, but decided not to put it up - I was interested to see how people interpreted it. However. A few people have said they didn't understand it, so I'lltry and explain it. Basically, this girl has fallen hardfor this boy (they are the 'she' and the 'he' in the piece) and the girl's mother thought that she needed help, so took her to a mental hospital of some kind, basically. And the words outside of the parentheses are what the motehr said to the doctor, and the words inside the parentheses are what the daughter was thinking as she sat there listening to her mother's words. It's written in the mother's voice though - so the 'I' is the mother. If that makes sense. I don't know where the idea came from, it just popped into my head. Hope this has helped!