Where You Are

I've never seen you

You've never sung me to sleep

Or kissed me goodnight

But I know you love me

You have to, right?

Can you see me where you are?

Are you watching over me,

Like mommy says you are?

Did you see me ride your old bike

All on my own?

Did you hear me singing

In the church choir like you did?

Mommy can't take me

To my first day of school

She says she's sorry

But she has to work

Your best friend's walking with me instead.

Can you see me where you are?

Are you watching over me,

Like Mom says you are?

Did you see my first report card

With A's all in a row?

Were you watching when I broke my arm

Falling out of your old tree

That you used to grow?

First day of Middle School

My godfather's walking me again

'Cause Mom didn't come home again

I got in a fight

And came home with a black eye

He laughed and put ice on it

He said I'm just like you

And Mom never knew

Can you see me where you are?

Are you watching me grow up?

Are you watching Mother drift away?

Did you hear me singing

At your memorial yesterday?

Can you see me winning

Every fight that comes my way?

He's got alcohol on his breath

Mother married him

Without me knowing

And I've got a little brother on the way

I'm in High School now

And my godfather's teaching

Literature and History

He walks with me every day

And takes me to church

And drives me to my competitions

'Cause Mother doesn't have the time

Are you watching me?

Can you see what I've become?

Did you see me win the scholarship

With the song you wrote?

Are you proud of me?

Are you happy?

Tell me, Daddy, can you even see me

Where you are?

I've never seen your face

But I see you in the mirror.

You never spoke to me

But I hear you in my voice.

I've never felt your hands

But I know they're rough and strong.

I drive your old car,

I rebuilt it myself.

I wear your old clothes,

Even if they are way too big.

Your song's on the radio

But it's my voice they hear.

Mother's stopped speaking to me

There were bruises on her face.

I'm raising my little brother

Even though he's not your son.

My godfather's sick

And he's not going to last much longer

He can't remember my name some days

But he still walks with me every day.

Give him a kiss for me

When he gets there,

And thanks for sending him to me

Cause I never would have made it

If he hadn't been there

He was your best friend

But he's mine now, too

Are you watching me, Daddy?

Did you laugh with me?

Cry with me?

Did you fall when I fell down?

Did you know what I would become?

Did you know your best friend would take care of me

When you were gone?

Tell me, Daddy

Even after so many years

Can you see me where you are?