Even at the lowest moment,

Or standing on top of the world...

A person feels the need for love,

From not just any girl.

And when you close your eyes

You try to help you fall.

You spread your arms out far and wide

To let the wind take your call.

But patience is a virtue

And very difficult to be,

The girl that you are looking for

Could very well be me.

But fate does not tell the future

Before the future comes

And lonliness cannot control the heart

For which cupid's already won.

It takes time to find the other half

The half that makes you whole,

Falling is my favorite part,

but timing hurts the toll.

Considering to quit my job

To have more time for me.

And maybe give a little more

To those who might agree...

That love is out there somewhere

Looking for a guy like you.

And when love finds the heart you show

Love will stick to you like glue.