as softly we were (
for the first time,together,alone)
";" followed ";" and proceeded (in deaf-
ening silence) to lostness,both (in) adaze—

his surface exactly was peachskin
electric fuzz and,tender—
if beauty is,at least (at least) as deep
as skin (as this) what more;why more?

blue eyes:clear,and speckled-perfect-like
galax(spiral)ies seen from asfarawayas
death away from me (then seemed) away;such awayness as never

lips like only his lips,without simile
pressed against and toward,,
mine-toward,,invigor(vigorously)ating — me? Me!

"overvicarious,relax please," me said selfward (he said selfward something,but i couldnot/cannot/shallnot tell)
i wish so now...

his surface exactly was peachskin
his deeper-than-skin was tender just as so,but:
reservations sealed overmuch his core equals mystery,and i couldnot tell
i say i could,not,tell—

as softly we were
for the first (and for the (sorrowfully) last) time,together.