Loving to Hate You

By: Celestina

Our eyes had met from far away

I knew right then that you were gay.

The morning of that beautiful day

I wanted you to just stay away.

Who knew that sometime soon

I would kick your ass, sometime mid-noon.

It was for you my heart would swoon.

Every time you escaped your doom.

I did not notice a thing at first

Until that day by veins did burst.

But it was your absence I always cursed

For it was your humiliation I had always nursed.

Your smile so bright you did not see

You had walked right into a tree.

How these feelings came to be

All I know is that it is hate from me.

You were different from all the rest

You were the one I loved to jest.

Because of you I passed my test

You've always been my favorite pest.

Your laughter fills my very core

Your laughter makes me hate you more.

You have opened up that tightened door

It hit you and your face was sore.

You became a part of my every day

You were the game I loved to play.

I'd turn my head to you and say

A sarcastic "Have a nice day."

You're not like the other guys;

for you are far and much too nice.

There's nothing in you I can despise

Except that pathetic look in your eyes.

As time passed by my heart grew weak

You did always seem to really reek.

I feared my secret would somehow leak

I did put poison in your drink.

You had tamed me, I don't know how

But for that the Grim Reaper will take you now.

But I promised myself a vow.

Someday to me you'd somehow bow.

These feelings are mineā€”and no one else's

I'll guard this secret behind black fences.

I'll let you know when time suggests it

But to myself, I will admit it.

I feel love for you, that much I know

I love looking down on you below.

But until then, you cannot know.

Is that I am your secret foe.

Done reading the whole poem? Now, try reading just the odd lines (line 1, 3, 5, etc). )