Give me an answer.

Come on in have a seat, we have to talk baby yes just you and me. Don't give me that strange look like you don't know what's this is about. Cause last night I follow you over to her house. How could you do this to me? When I gave you my love for free. For you to treat me like last week love. Give me an answer.

Every body was telling me the truth. But I didn't want to hear cause I was to busy loving you. Like a genies in a bottle I would jump for you. Now we're in this house searching for the truth. You not gonna just sit there with that blank look on your face. Now I should punch you right in your face. Now tell me where our love is. Give me an answer.

Does she cook for you, do she listens to you, does she wash your funky clothes for you, and when you're sick is it her you're with. Come and open your mouth and tell me which is which. Give me an answer.

Do you love her, because if you do you can be with her? I don't need all this hurt. So give me an answer baby. I should have left you a long time ago. But I thought I love you. Now I gotta go, I gotta leave. I gave you all I could. There no more love left here for me to give. I'm tried of all your dirt and you can't even give me an answer. Gone mister be with her, gone mister leave our home. Cause I can do bad all by myself.

By Ronald Campbell.