My Black Kiss, My Black Tears

Maybe I was too old for you. Or maybe you were to young, maybe our love was to strong for just one of us. The color of one's skin shouldn't matter. And how much money one's has shouldn't have a bound. Because all the time we were together baby, I always thought of us as one. Now you're telling me that our love doesn't matter. So tell me baby where I went wrong to be crying.

My black kiss, my black tears.

We were going on four years baby.

My black tears, my black kiss.

For you to tell me that this is it.

My black kiss, my black tears.

Before you and were born, the world would have ripping you and I apart. See the world didn't would a love like our. But that was yesteryears and today is today. So tell me why baby am I'm crying.

There no other concern baby but you and I. and the tears I cry is the life in me. So before you turn me away just look in my eyes. And tell me is this what you really want to do? Causes me love belong only to you. So why do I cry?

By Ronald Campbell.