by EllaWatson

The salad was delicious. Mum and dad started a conversation on the spelling bee and encouraged me to join. I can say…I was good at spelling…

Then, my dad's phone rang and he answered it. He had to go to work. My dad was a firefighter. I have always been proud to have him as a firefighter. When I grow up, I want to save people too – just like him.

I was getting ready for bed – dad hasn't come beck yet. Maybe it was a big fire… then; I heard my mum turn on the television so I hurried over to the living room. However, stopped as I saw what she was watching. News - I never paid attention to news, but this time, the news reporters were talking about a huge fire around the camp not far from where we live. The fire was gigantic! Fire fighters were everywhere – my dad was one of them, saving as many people they could find. My mum, however, looked worried. She looked over to me, "Jamie, get to bed – you have school tomorrow."

I nodded. I turned to go to my bedroom.

I lay awake: has dad come back yet? Have they stopped the fire?

My thoughts stopped suddenly when our phone rang. My mum answered it. It was silent for a while…and I started to hear her cry. What's happened?

I found out that my father died trying to save someone.

I started to cry. My dad was gone. He'll never tuck me in at night…kiss me on each cheek in the morning…he was…gone.

A year has past and I still think of him.

My dad was great - he was the best dad. I cry about him – because I miss him so much.

Now, he's in heaven, watching over mum and I. Therefore, I never worry if my asthma is bad, because my dad will save me. Just like what he did when he was still alive.

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