Well, Merlin…you asked for an epilogue…so this is about the best I can do. Yes, there will be a sequel. I don't know when I'll get the chance to write it, but I love this book too much to truly finish it. Besides, I left a lot of minor stories open-ended and they need to be finished. Hope this suffices for an epilogue! I know it's kind of short.

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Ares sat atop the roof…or not technically sat. All his molecules were stretched to invisibility and his life force was only a dim beacon even Cupid wouldn't be able to sense. Despite his stretched state, he could still see—and more vividly than he would have liked.

He was rather furious at the moment. Then again, he liked to be mad. When fury welled up in his body, a sizzling power burned from his core, emanating out into his limbs. It made him more powerful than any god-like trait ever had.

And he felt that power burning through him now as he looked over the edge and caught sight of the porch roof. Bri and a very insultingly healthy-looking Cupid. He would have sent a blast at Cupid that would have knocked him out until next week—god or no god. But the argument between Ares and Cupid had somehow been brought to Zeus' attention. Usually Zeus wouldn't lift a finger to stop anything from happening—it wasn't his style. But when he learned that they were fighting over whether or not Cupid should remain loyal to Zeus…well, that put a damper in Zeus' disposition.

Now Cupid held a diplomatic immunity that even Ares couldn't breach.

So naturally Ares was sizzling. How could he be anything but? But he was surprised to find his anger doubled as he watched the two interacting on the porch roof beneath him.

At first he watched them with morbid curiosity as they conversed, both sending each other disgustingly hopeful expressions. When their hands touched Ares felt a flash of jealousy sizzle through him. He hadn't realized how attached he had become to his little mortal plaything, probably because he still had unfinished business with her. He didn't like Cupid getting first dibs.

Of course, Cupid wouldn't technically get first dibs. Ares felt a malicious smile begin to spread across his lips. Cupid would play the gentleman and wait until she was ready. Hadez only knew…he'd probably wait for some sort of matrimonial ceremony before he would try to take her. He was so gentle with her that it was just sickening.

The idiot! Ares almost snorted but then he remembered to keep quiet. He didn't want them to know he was here. He wanted Bri to have a false sense of security before he struck.

Forget Cupid…he'd already made him face ultimate humiliation.

He only wanted the mortal. Desire coursed through him—stronger than it had ever before. He knew for a fact that he wasn't in love with her. No, not at all. Obsessed? Perhaps a little. He wanted her and he wanted her now…but he would wait.

And this time he would go about it in a totally different fashion. He didn't want to drive her away, or even disconcert her. Because that was not the way to play at love, that was the way to play at war.

She was such a pretty little thing with her cute little upturned nose and her defiant personality. She didn't seem to realize just how pretty she was. She had a lot of fight in her. That's what made her so interesting.

He watched as a breeze blew across the rooftop, sending her light brown hair into a torrent around her face. Cupid moved to brush it away and Ares wanted to slap his hands aside. But he did nothing.

And he did nothing when they began to kiss. Nothing except vow that for every kiss Cupid got, he would get three times more. And of course, he would get it willingly, because that would make Cupid hurt the most.

He had to admit that he was still furious with Cupid. He would love to make him suffer for a thousand years or more. Death wasn't good enough for him. But with his new buddy, Ares wouldn't have the chance to do damage.

So he'd just focus his interests elsewhere. A smile curved up his face again. He was going to have some fun. He and Bri had some unfinished business and he was going to finish it. After all, he was a man of his word—most of the time.

This battle was far from over. Very, very far.

With this thought, Ares' many millions of molecules sped off into the distance like tiny lightless fireflies.