Molly My Sire

Atrix moaned slightly as he awake, he was at the back of the cave. His hand moved to his mouth and he sighed as he coughed. But when he looked to his pale hands, he raised an eyebrow. "God, what happened?" he asked himself sitting up. "I don't remember getting drunk… maybe I bloody passed out." he said, thinking about this.

"You didn't pass out… Not from drink anyway." came the females voice with a sleepy laugh as she opened her eyes, she watched Atrix's movements and smiled to herself.

Atrix turned his head fast, looking at her, oddly… he found it easy to look through the darkness to where she was laying. The sun was outside, high in the sky and light resting by the mouth of the cave.

"What then?" Atrix asked. "Why didn't you wake me?"

"Oh, Petal… woke up on the wrong side of the floor?" she asked and sat up, moving closer to him. "You didn't get drunk. But, you did make a choice."

"Choice." Atrix said, thinking, he then remembered what had happened. "You bit me!" he shouted. Smacking his hand to his neck fast, he felt where her two fangs had dug into his skin. His eyes went wide. "I fainted?! Me?!"

"You, yes… all on your own… I'm very proud." she teased and laughed.

"It's not funny." Atrix shouted, but… he hissed at the end of his words. Surprised by the hiss, he placed his hand to his mouth slowly and stared at the girl. "What did you do?"

"I turned you." she replied. "You came willingly. You wanted a new life and I have given you one."

"Turned?" Atrix asked and raised an eyebrow. "I do not understand."

"It's the nice way of saying: I turned you into a vampire." she said and smiled again as she watched his face seem you freeze. "Come on, Petal… it's not that hard to understand."

"Vampire?" Atrix spoke after being quiet. "Thing with long teeth and pale skin?"

"The very same, though, they are called fangs, Petal… not teeth, fangs…" She said and sat up, her dress covered her legs.

"I don't believe this. No wonder you live out in a cave, you're half crazy. I found the village idiot." Atrix said and stood. "Out of every girl in the village, I found the whacko one that's been banished to the forest…"

"What did you just say?" she snapped and a hiss came from her mouth and Atrix saw two white teeth… Longer than the others, he frowned at her and then lost his frown as he thought.

"I'm going home." Atrix told her and glared at her quickly before standing and turning his back to her.

She raised an eyebrow as she looked at the sun by the mouth of the cave. "If you say so." She said, not telling him that the sun would actually kill him now.

Atrix walked forwards, "I thought you were going to do something great last night. Why'd you live in here?" he asked.

"Because I want to." she replied coldly. Her voice almost pushing him out of the cave itself.

Atrix walked on, but as his skin touched the sunlight. He screamed out as his skin burnt, he backed up, stepping fast into the darkness, "What's that?!" he yelled, going near her fast. "What the hell just happened?!"

"You can not longer go in the sun." she answered, hiding the grin in the corner of her mouth. "Like I said, you are a vampire. Vampires can not walk in the sun, Petal." she said and held her hand to him, "Let me see…" she said like a mother talking to a five year old. Atrix watched her before kneeling at her side and holding his arm to her. Luckily the skin wasn't to badly burnt. She smiled as she stroked his arm. "Oh, Petal…" she cooed to him and continued to stroke his arm. "My poor, Petal…" she said softly. Atrix listened to her every word, his eyes fixed on her as he moved closer and put his head on her shoulder.

Atrix looked to her eyes as he rested his head on her shoulder. After a little while, he sighed, thinking over everything. "I'm a vampire."

"I know." she whispered and kissed his cheek. "I think you'll be a vampire that will be remembered, Atrix." he said, stroking her fingers over his cheek. "I think people will run from you. With my training, they'll run from your name." she said and kissed his forehead. "Would you like that, Petal?"

"I'd love that." Atrix replied after a short time of thinking. Power. Power… To have this meant control. "I'd love that a lot. Make them cry."

"Cry… of course, beg." she replied and she grinned happily and kissed his cheek once more before both arms hugged him tightly to her. "You'll be my Atrix… My Petal and we'll work together. You'll be mine."

"I am yours." Atrix told her and smiled. Two white fangs crept over his bottom lip and he laughed a little. "We'll get them, my sire."

"Call me, Molly." she said and stroked her fingers through his hair. She went quiet and Atrix didn't dare speak and brake her silence for a while.

"Molly." Atrix said slowly and quietly, looking to her green eyes.

"Yes?" her voice came and her eyes flickered a little to look over him. She stroked his cheek.

"I'm hungry." Atrix answered. "I feel a hunger that I have never felt before."

"It's okay. You want blood." Molly whispered and kissed his forehead. "You'll get it when night falls, my Petal, just wait and you'll get your blood." Atrix watched her and went quiet, he waited, but pains in his stomach pulled at him and his fangs crept over his lip.

"Please now?" he asked after only twenty minutes. "Please, we go now?" he asked and sat up.

Molly opened her eyes and laughed and shook her head no. "No, you can not go out in the sun, now sleep." she said and her eyes closed again. Atrix placed his head on her shoulder like a child and closed his eyes, he forced himself to sleep.

The day went by slowly. But Atrix's father never missed him, he only took this out on Atrix's brother. The sun seemed to stay in the sky longer, though this was impossible of course. As soon as the sun started to leave the sky, Atrix's eyes opened. He felt his stomach and moaned softly, cramps, burning… his body felt empty and he wanted food… or, as Molly had said, 'he wanted blood'

"Molly." Atrix said and ran his fingers over her eyelashes gently. "Molly… I'm hungry." Atrix said and took her hand.

Molly pulled her arm away from him and half opened her eyes. "Wait a little longer." she told him, yawning and reaching her arms into the air.

"But, I really am." Atrix said. "My… fangs hurt, a lot, like they are being pulled."

"I said wait." Molly's voice told him, turning cold and sharp. Atrix softly kissed her cheek and she snapped awake, hitting him across the face, "Don't you dare kiss me!" she growled and Atrix moved away from her, a red mark on his face. Molly glared at him, then turned her back on him, laying still and closing her eyes.

After ten minutes and Atrix thought she was asleep, he started to creep towards the mouth of the cave. But froze as Molly's voice boomed. "You step out of this cave and I'll skin you alive. I said not yet, that means not yet. I said wait, that means you wait." she snapped and Atrix sat back down. Thinking what he had got himself into. For some reason, he felt like Molly had the right to overpower him, control him. He sat quietly and waited, as his stomach groaned again.