More than Words

The door is locked.

Everything bottled up inside.

A whirlwind of emotions,

So dark, they have to hide.

It just me;

And you.

Face to face.

Saying anything but the truth.

If I say:

Everything I want to say,

What are the chances you'll just run away?

You scare me.

And I've never been scared before.

I love you,

Like I have never loved before.

My heart still beats

Without skipping a single one.

You look at me.

Like I am the only person in the world.

You're just proud,

That I'm you're girl.

Your smile and those eyes.

It's more than just being hypnotized.

This is the real thing.

Nothing can show what you mean to me.

But I can tell you.

You wouldn't believe what you see.

I'm at your knees,

Asking you to never leave.

Me and you forever.

If you want to know what I'm not saying,

Just think more than words.

Now what are you thinking?