By: Elizabeth Martin

" Elizabeth," my momma said to me as I was flipping through the channels on the television that didn't have many channels on them. " Yes ma," I said lazily not even looking at her.

I was ten years old and didn't do much around the house but read comic books, play video games, and watch The Simpsons that my next door neighbors recorded on tape.

" Get yo black ass up and go to the store," my momma said. " Why can't Brian do it?" I said getting up slowly. " Nigga what?!" my brother said coming into the room pulling up his baggy pants and revealing his shiny gold teeth.

" I washed the dishes last night you better go to the store," Brian said and punched me in the shoulder. " Brian now stop," my mom said softly and went into her room. Tears formed in my eyes. " Aw you noodle," Brian said and walked away.

My mom came back with some food stamps. " Ma why do we have to use these?" I pouted. " Because Gabrielle ate up the last bit of pizza and I don't have any cash," she explained.

" But Rocky is down the street and he's beefin' with Brian," I said. " That boy don't know you. Now get on and go get my chicken," mom said.

I walked outside my house and down the street. I nervously looked around myself and saw a guy with a black hoodie riding on a silver bike with his cell phone to his ear.

" Ay dats Brian lil sister," somebody yelled. I looked to my left and saw these apartments that were grey and ugly. A bunch of gangsters rode on their lil bikes. One chubby boy with dreds I think his name was Melvontay was pointing at me.

My heart raced. I walked faster. " Hey girl," Syra said from the crowd. " Syra is that you?" I asked and walked over there. She was a slim girl with a loud mouth and had a short skirt on. Now I knew I was safe.

" What are you doing here?" I asked her. " Man I go with this fine dude name Rocky," she said. I dropped my mouth," My brother just fought him." " Yeah I heard yo brother won but I still love Rocky," she said loud and obnoxiously.

" What you said that I got scraped?" Rocky said coming out of his apartment. He looked orange. His dreds, his teeth, and his eyebrows and mustache. " Your kind of ugly," I said and laughed to myself.

Syra kicked me in my shin. " Ouch," I said. " Icks nay on the upidsaty," syra sadi