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The next morning, Hayley was sitting on her bed, strumming her guitar mindlessly and staring off into space. She wanted Spencer to know that she had changed, and that she felt the same way about him. But more than anything, Hayley just wanted things to be okay between her and Spencer. Maybe he's calmed down, she thought. Maybe he'll listen to me. She got off her bed and picked up her phone. After hesitating, she dialed his number. The phone rang and rang, but Spencer never picked up. Hayley called again, but there was still no answer.

Back at his apartment, Spencer sat and watched his phone ring, staring at Hayley's number on the caller ID. He wasn't going to pick up.

For the next few days, Hayley just sat in her apartment. She missed Spencer, and she couldn't stop crying. She had never felt so miserable about anything in her entire life. She wished she could go back and change the way she had treated him.

Melanie and Theresa came by because they hadn't heard from her in a while. Hayley told them everything, and they held her while she cried. Hayley could tell that they wanted to say, "I told you so," but she was thankful that they didn't.

The next day, they came to see her again. "I have some news that I think might cheer you up," Theresa said. "My manager listened to your CD, and he loved it. They want you to perform tomorrow night. Any song you want."


Melanie nodded. "It'll be your first performance! I'm so excited."

Hayley gave them a small smile.

"Are you up to it?" Theresa asked.

"Yes. I'll do it."

"Awesome! What song are you going to play?"

The smile faded from Hayley's face, and tears began to well in her eyes.

"Girl, what's wrong now?" Theresa asked softly.

"I wrote a new song. It's about Spencer," Hayley said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Melanie reached over and gave her a hug. Theresa grabbed her hands. "Is that what you want to sing?"

Hayley nodded. "I want Spencer to hear it. He has no idea how I feel about him. But I don't think he'll come."

"It won't hurt to ask," Melanie said. "Why don't you go wash off your face, and then go over there and tell him."

Hayley shook her head. "He won't even pick up his phone when I call."

Theresa pulled Hayley up. "You have to at least try. I'm not letting you give up that easy."

Five minutes later, Hayley was reluctantly standing in front of Spencer's door. She took a deep breath, and then knocked. After a few seconds, she heard Spencer coming, and he opened the door. As soon as he saw who it was, he slammed the door shut. Hayley burst into tears and ran back to her apartment. She closed the door and crumbled against it. Theresa came over and took Hayley in her arms. "It didn't go well, did it?"

Hayley shook her head. "He slammed the door in my face," she choked out.

Theresa looked mad. "He's gonna come and see you, and he's gonna hear that song whether he likes it or not."

"Don't worry," said Melanie. "We'll talk to him."

A few hours later, there was another knock at Spencer's door. He got up, hoping it wasn't Hayley. It wasn't. It was her two friends, Melanie and Theresa.

"Yes?" Spencer said.

Theresa pushed Spencer's door open and barged inside. "Look here, you. I know Hayley hasn't treated you right, but that ain't no excuse for you to be slamming your door all up in her face. She's been trying to talk to you, but you won't even let her."

Spencer stared at the Theresa. "I don't want to talk to Hayley, and I don't appreciate her sending you guys over to chew me out."

"She didn't ask us to. We only came over here because you weren't listening to her," Melanie said.

"All we need to tell you is that Hayley got asked to perform at that club. She knows you're mad, but she wants you to be there," Theresa explained.

"Why should I?" Spencer asked.

"Because if you care for Hayley at all, then you'll go."

"I don't care about her."

"You know that ain't true." Theresa stared at him for a minute, and then she turned and left. Melanie gave Spencer one last glance, and then followed Theresa out.

"What are we going to do now?" she asked.

"We're gonna go and talk to Spencer's friend, John. Maybe he can talk some sense into him."

They found John in the basketball court. He waved. "What are you guys up to?"

"We need to talk to you about Spencer," Theresa said.

"Does this have something to do with Hayley?" he asked.

Melanie nodded. "She's playing in this club, and we need you to convince Spencer to go see her."

John frowned. "I don't think that will go over too well. Hayley's hurt him pretty bad."

"He's done the same to Hayley," Theresa said defensively.

"I know. He told me about what happened."

"But you don't know Hayley's side. She was going to him to tell him she loved him, and he just blew up at her and didn't ever let her explain why she was really there."

John raised his eyebrows. "Hayley loves Spencer? She's changed her mind?"

"Yes. She's willing to look past the fact that Spencer's not her type. But he doesn't know this. He needs to go see her perform because she wrote a song about him."

"Okay. And you want me to talk him into it?"


"I'll try."

"You better. Thanks John."

The following morning, Hayley was in her apartment thinking about her performance that was later that night. She was nervous, because she had never played for a crowd before. But what was bothering her the most was that she didn't know if Spencer was going to show up or not.

"Man, you need to go see Hayley. You owe it to her," John insisted.

"I don't owe her anything!" Spencer shot back. "I don't see why you're telling me this when you were the one who told me to give up on her!"

John sighed. "I know what I told you. But it's different now. You need to give her a chance."

Spencer glared at his friend.

"If you don't suck it up and go see her, you're going to regret it," John warned. Then he turned and left Spencer's apartment.

Spencer was mad. I don't want to go see her stupid performance, he thought. I'm not going.

The hour of Hayley's performance was nearing, and she was already at the club. She knew she should be excited, and this should be a big moment for her, but something was missing. Spencer wasn't here to share the experience with her.

Spencer looked over at the clock. "I'm not going," he said aloud. He got up and began to pace the room. Her performance was in half an hour. What if I did go? I always loved Hayley's music, he thought. As mad as he was, he was curious, and he did want to see her perform. But that didn't change the fact that he was mad.

"She doesn't deserve it," he mumbled. He sat back down, only to stand up again. "Fine, I'll go!" Spencer grabbed his coat, but then he threw it. "No! I'm not going to give in like this." He sat back down on his couch, his head in his hands. He had always looked forward to the day where he would be able to see Hayley perform in front of a crowd. He had wanted to be there, cheering her on. He never thought things would turn out like this. He closed his eyes, only to hear Hayley's sweet voice in his head. He picked his coat up and ran out the door.

Hayley looked out into the crowd. She saw Theresa and Melanie, and she even saw Spencer's friend, John. She scanned every face in the crowd, but there was no Spencer. Hayley felt more disappointed than she had ever been before, and she felt like there was a hand inside her chest, squeezing her heart. When she heard her name announced, she walked out, clutching her guitar tightly.

Spencer slipped in the door just as they were announcing Hayley's name. She walked out on stage, and Spencer couldn't take his eyes off of her. She looked beautiful. Incredibly sad, but still beautiful.

She sat down and adjusted her guitar. "Thank you all for having me tonight," she said, speaking softly. "The song I'm going to play is about not being able to see past silly, superficial things to what really matters. I lost my best friend and the person I realized I had grown to love. When I pushed him away, I made the biggest mistake of my life."

Her voice cracked on the last word, and Spencer took a sharp breath. Is this about me? Suddenly, he knew why John, Theresa, and Melanie had been so insistent on him coming to see Hayley perform.

Hayley started to strum her guitar. This song sounded different than anything she had done before. It was slow and sad, not at all like the cheerful Hayley that Spencer knew so well. She began singing, her beautiful voice filling the room.

"I was so blind

Took his love for granted and pushed him away

And even though I said he's not my kind

He's the only one I want today

Sometimes I make mistakes

Don't know what I have until my heart breaks

Now he's leaving me behind

He won't even see the tears I cry

Out of all my life

He was my biggest mistake

Why couldn't I see what was there from the start?

Now all I've got is this broken heart

Why couldn't I see what was right in front of me?

Now I'll never get the chance to show him what he means to me"

Hayley was crying. From where he was standing, Spencer could see the tears streaming down her cheek. She loves me after all, he thought, beginning to get choked up.

"Sometimes I make mistakes

Don't know what I have until my heart breaks

Now he's leaving me behind

He won't even see the tears I cry

Out of all my life

He was my biggest mistake

Sometimes I can't take one single breath

Sometimes I can't make this world make sense

Sometimes I can't see what's before my eyes

Sometimes I can't see where my heart lies

Sometimes I make mistakes

Don't know what I have until my heart breaks

Now he's leaving me behind

He won't even see the tears I cry

Out of all my life

He was my biggest mistake"

Hayley finished the last chorus, her voice raw with emotion. As she played the last chord on her guitar, people stood up and began to clap.

"You go girl!" Theresa shouted over the crowd.

Spencer couldn't do anything. He just stood there and stared. She tried to tell me, he thought. She tried to tell me and I wouldn't listen.

Hayley walked off the stage, pulling her guitar off. She barely even heard the crowd. All she knew was Spencer hadn't been there, and her song changed nothing.

"Girl, you were great!" Theresa exclaimed, finding her and throwing her arms around her. Melanie joined the hug. "You're awesome Hayley!"

As they let her go, they saw the look on her face.

"He wasn't here, was he?" Theresa asked softly.

Hayley shook her head. "I didn't see him."

"That doesn't mean he wasn't here," John said, coming up to Hayley. "You were great, by the way. But I think I saw a tall blonde guy slip in and stand near the back right before you started."

Hayley's heart skipped a beat. Was he here after all?

She didn't have to wait long to find out. Theresa and Melanie stepped back, and Hayley saw Spencer standing there, his eyes shining with tears. Hayley turned her head, letting her hair fall down in front of her face. She didn't want Spencer to see her break down.

But the next thing she knew, she felt his arms around her. "Your song was beautiful," he whispered in her ear.

Hayley began to sob, turning her face and pressing it into Spencer's chest. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"No, I'm the one who's sorry," he said softly. "I should have listened."

He stroked her hair, and then Hayley looked up at him. She saw tears on his cheeks, and she reached up and wiped them away. Spencer caught her hand in his own. "Are you serious about loving me?"

Hayley smiled. "Yes. That's what I came to tell you the other day."

Then, not able to wait a moment longer, Hayley threw her arms around Spencer and kissed him. It was everything she thought it would be and more. She kissed Spencer deeper, and she heard John whistle. "It's about time!" Theresa exclaimed.

Hayley laughed, breaking off the kiss. Spencer gazed into her eyes; overjoyed that Hayley felt the same way. "I love you," he said.

"I love you too," Hayley murmured.

Melanie grinned. "We were going to throw Hayley a party in celebration of her first performance, but I think these two need some time alone."

John nodded in agreement. "Why don't you and Theresa come with me? We can celebrate getting these two together."

The three of them walked off, but Spencer and Hayley didn't even notice.

"Hayley, let's go home," Spencer said, picking up her guitar.

Back at Spencer's apartment, Hayley was lying in his arms. She sighed happily as Spencer ran his hands through her hair. Then he kissed her and spoke softly in her ear. "So you love me, even if I'm not your type?"

Hayley smiled. "Spence, if there's one thing I have learned, it's that you are my type."

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