The trees hung limp, with no wind to blow them.

A cloud slept thin, draped over the lake.

One small shadow stood, reflecting the moon.

A feminine creature, hid amongst the branches.

"Fly away-

Fly away-"

The birds crooned together.

But there was no flight for this lass tonight.

There he galloped, across the sandy plains;

Towards the lake, where his mistress resided.

For what he knew, was not what she planned.

Among the velvet of the night, she strung a rope about her neck.

Her sweetheart was soon to arrive, but a second to late to save her.

In her head she was completely sane, but in her spirit she was not.

For one man had stolen her heart, but another had chosen it and ridden away.

He quickened his horses pace, as the night's color darkened.

His only wish was to reach his love, and find her awaiting his presence.

The cord was tight and secure, her ears alert to all sounds.

In the dead of the night she saw her beau come near her.

When he saw her neck, and the wire that ensured it

His eyes became pools of sadness, and his heart an open wound.

"Come down my love, come into my arms!"

Her grief grew, and her pain drew her down.

She loosed the strand, and climbed her way downward.

Soon firmly planted on the ground, her eyes searched the landscape.

But her lover was gone, or had he even been there at all?