You're everything to me

You're my bittersweet feeling,

My walk down memory lane,

You're the strange happy feeling,

I get when it rains.

You're my mind's meadow,

My star in the night sky.

You're my soothing tranquility,

You're the reason behind my sighs.

You're my mind's sculpture,

When my imagination runs away.

You're the sun shining down on me,

On a cold winter's day.

You're my bright light,

In my empty darkness.

You're my bottomless pit,

When I'm overcome with sadness.

You're my endless possibilities,

At the dawn of a new day.

You're thoughts fill me on sleepless nights,

When my mind starts to stray.

You're the sand beneath my toes,

The soothing ocean breeze.

You're my puddle of hope,

You're everything to me.