Outside in a South Bronx neighborhood around January. There are tall, towering brown apartment buildings. It is an urban jungle. It is around midnight or so.

Camera goes down from one of the buildings to two black friends, both around eighteen years old. They are both wearing dark clothing and big black jackets with the hoods up. They are just talking on the corner. It is an over head shot of the two boys just talking.

Friend: Anthony, (starts laughing a little) I'll beat you in ball any day. Shoot, you really think you can beat me (looks annoyed with Anthony)

Anthony: Yea, what the fuck ever nigga. It brick as a mothafucka (holds himself shivering).

Camera focuses on an all black Civic with tinted windows turn the street fast. Camera closes in on Anthony's face.

Anthony: So homie. What's good with you and that light skinded girl I saw you with at the party?

Friend: Shit nigga. I don't like talking about my shit like that knamean homie.

Anthony: And by that you mean you ain't get shit from her huh (starts laughing).

Friend: Yo, don't even come at me like that.

Anthony: I heard that bitch a freak, an you still can't get non from her (starts cracking up). That shit would take like (pauses) a hour to ease up in. Well, that's me though, (chuckles) that's me.

Friend: It ain't nottin but a bitch (says shrugging his shoulders)

Anthony: Yea that's what you say 'cause you couldn't get non from her.

Friend: Shut the fuck up nigga (pushes Anthony lightly).

Anthony: Ayo, (still laughing) you know I just be playin' with yo stupid ass.

Car pulls up to the two men. It is the black Civic from before. The window goes down. There are two men in the car. The driver is a Hispanic and the other is a black man. There is something suspicious about the two men. Camera pulls back so that you can see the back of the car. Anthony and his friend walk over to the car cautiously.

Anthony: Can I help you partner?

Driver: Yo nigga. You selling?

Anthony: (Pauses and looks around) I don't know homie. What you want?

Driver: Yo life bitch!

Gun shots go off. BAT—BAT—BAT—BAT—BAT—BAT. The car drives off and Anthony falls to the ground. Anthony's friend takes a pistol out of his pants and starts firing at the retreating car as he runs after it.


Close up of Anthony from the waist up. He is lying on the pavement with his eyes glazed over. He has four bullet holes in his chest. He's dead as a dog.