"Is that what I think it is?" Lee asks passing, and stopping at the leather accessories.

"I don know. I can't read mind not that I would want to read yours mind you" Pyro replies, coming over to see what Lee is looking at.

"Dam is that a butt strap." Nimes asks, joining the group surrounding the glass case of leather accessories.

"Kinky." Pyro replies, looking at the accessory. "How does it work."

"I'm not asking." Lee states.

"I wonder if its genuine leather?" Nimes muses. "mam, what can you tell me about this butt strap." Nimes asks the lady behind the counter.

"Well this one comes only in black and is made of genuine leather. We also have another brand that comes in a choice of colors but is not made of genuine leather." The sales lady replies.

"Can I see that one?" Nimes asks pointing to the black leather strap.

"Sure thing!" the lady answers enthusiastically at the prospect of selling something.

"Nimes, why are you buying a butt strap?" Pyro asks her friend of many years, while wondering something along the lines of WTF! ! ?.

"Cuz it smells better then the one I have." Nimes replies while looking over the butt strap and smelling it.

"Gods that's disgusting! you and your leather kinky fetish!" Pyro yells out loud in the store attracting the attention of other store partons.

"Loud much? Whats so disgusting? I can't help I love the smell of leather." Nimes asks with a shrug.

"Disgusting? What's so disgusting? Maybe it's the fact that they even sell those thing in a music store! What the hell are kinky sex toys doing in a music shop?" Pyro yells at her friend. A near by mother gasps and covers her sons ears at the mention of the words kinky and sex.

"Are you ok Pyro? Hallucinating? Taking drugs? PMSing? Cuz no one said anything about kinky sexy toys" Lee asks his friend. Once again causing the near by mother to gasp and cover her sons ears before glaring at the group of friends and dragging her sono out of the store in a huff.

"What the hell is a butt strap for then?" Pyro asks.

"A bassoon." Nimes answers after paying for her new leather butt strap.

"O." Pyro replies, looking a little shocked.