Pair of white earphones

The portal to my world.

Makes me


Feel the power travel to my fingertips.

My thoughts drain away.

It's just me and the wind.
Hello again.

Please blow the hair outta my face.

Should I

Could I

Would I

Have done something?

Looking at my draining reflection.

I am scared

To disappear in a puff of smoke.

And slip to the bottom of the sky.

Watch the world fall.

Snow will

Fix everything.

Should I?

Let you



Analyze me.

The quietness when I'm alone.

The possibilities

Creep up to me

Like falling leaves.

Oddly shaped clouds.

Wonder what they'll bring.

What disaster will strike tomorrow.

Reflections in a coffee cup.

So easily tilted.

Falling lashes

Thick and long.

The lashes keep falling

Til the eye becomes bald.

No more itchiness


No more hurt.

Just your great big eyeballs

Staring back at me.

Ear phones back on.

Wishing the batteries would never run out.

So I could walk

And walk

In this land with no borders

Until the end of time.