I'm Okay

I'm okay,

When I feel your gentle touch,

Your soft fingers,

Caressing my skin.

I'm okay,

When I see your face,

Your warm smile,

Just for me.

I'm okay,

When you hold my hand,

As I feel you're static touch,

Running through my body.

I'm okay,

When I feel your tender lips,

As I close my eyes,

And my world starts to spin.

I'm okay,

When I hear your voice.

Your soft murmurs as you say,

"It's going to be okay,"

I'm okay,

When I feel your warm embrace,

Protecting me,

From what I'll soon have to face.

I'm okay,

When you're by my side,

The pain I felt so far away,

And no more do I have to fight.

I'm okay,

When I'm with you,

My sorrow just a memory,

And what are left are you and me.

So as I stay in your arms,

My problems fade away.

I don't feel so alone.

And I know,

I'm okay.