Insane Me: Ei, you listening?

Velvet Tears: I don't get a single word! What's the use?

Too Forgetful: Yup. Plus, it's too boring.

Baby Thugg: You guys! You have the guts to pass notes in front of Ms. Frances?

Insane Me: What's wrong? It's not like she's gonna find out!

Velvet Tears: She might catch us. She is watching us you know.

Too Forgetful: That's because she thinks we hate her.

Baby Thugg: Uh-uh not me. I'm not getting involved in this hate thing.

Insane Me: She thinks? She knows! Lol! You know Baby Thugg she knows your innocent no need to worry.

Velvet Tears: Exactly. And who cares? What's she gonna do? Give us detention? Jeez detention is pathetic really.

Too Forgetful: Yeah man whatever.

Baby Thugg: You guys got a death wish.

Insane Me: Why are you so scared of her? Jeez! It's so boring! Even Math is better than this!

Velvet Tears: Oh yeah of course Math is better than this! I know why you like Math, Insane Me!

Too Forgetful: When she says Math, she means Mr. Brian. Hehehe.

Baby Thugg: Seriously man you not over him yet?

Insane Me: When I say Math I mean Math! You guys are so mean! And no sorry aint over him yet. Lol don't know when Im gonna be really.

Velvet Tears: What's so mean about that? We agree with you about Math! But, btw, not the teacher…

Too Forgetful: Exactly.

Baby Thugg: Okay okay enough with the passing notes. She saw us and plus she's giving us something to do so get busy!

When Eve read that she glanced towards Ms. Frances. She was staring right back. Eve gulped and gave her a little smile before shoving the paper under her table and opening her notebook.

"What happened?" Kate whispered.

"She saw us and she's staring so shut up and do the stupid thing she gave us to do." Eve whispered back.

Kate glanced towards the board to check what they were supposed to do and then opened her notebook and began. Eve, on the other hand, was looking for her ballpen.

"Shit! I cant find my pen! Kate have you seen my pen?"

"No dude."


Suddenly, Ms. Frances arrived beside them.

"Problem, Ms. Rogers?" she asked.

"Um, no maam, I just cant find my pen." Eve replied.

"But I saw you using it awhile ago on a piece of paper." She replied, looking Eve in the eye. Eve returned her look without flinching.

"Yes maam but now I cant find it. Once I do I'll get to work." She said.

"You better." Was all Ms. Frances said before moving on. Ashley and Kelly, who were sitting in front of Kate and Eve, turned back.

"She knows!" Ashley hissed.

"Eve I'll lend you a ballpen if you cant find it." Kelly said.

"No! I need to find that one! It was special!" Eve replied frantically.

"And why?" Kate asked suspiciously.

Eve didnt answer but kept searching for it. In the end she took a spare pen from Kelly just because Frances was getting on her nerves. They were supposed to be writing a paragraph comparing skin from the skeletal system and concluding which one was more important. Eve groaned. She found absolutely no point in doing it, but started anyway. Fifteen torturous minutes later, the bell rang. The whole class stood up at the same time and started to go out the class when Ms. Frances bellowing voice stopped them.

"How many times have I told you not to leave the moment you hear the bell? You act like animals!" she yelled.

"Technically we are animals, dumbass." Kate murmured and Eve bit her lip to stop from laughing out loud.

"What was that, Kate?" Ms. Frances asked, looking murderous.

"I said we're sorry maam." Kate replied, keeping her face and voice steady.

"Oh I know how sorry you really are." Ms. Frances replied back before turning back to the class.

"Now, I want you all to file out neatly. And drop your notebooks on my desk before you. One by one." She emphasised the last three words.

Slowly, the long line began moving and since the four were on the other side of class, Eve used this time to look for her pen. She finally found it in time on the floor and, dropping her notebook on Frances table, left the class. The moment they were outside, Kate grabbed the ballpen from her and began looking at her closely.

"What's so special about this? It's just a simple Reynold's pen!"

Eve took it back shoved it in her pocket. Then she opened her locker and pulled out her math notebook.

"Why is it so special, Eve?" Ashley asked.

"Brian used it." Eve murmured. They didn't really catch it but Kelly sighed.

"I didn't get it but I definitely heard Brian. Don't tell me he gave it to you!"

"He used it, dumbass! Why would a teacher give out pens?" Eve replied.

"Jeez, Eve, seriously." Kate said, but stopped at that. Eve just shrugged and they made their way to the math classroom.

Inside, they took their seats near the wall, but close to the front, for Eve's sake. Not that she asked them but they knew. The class began filling in and then, he stepped in.

"Morning class." He said as he headed towards the teacher's table to place his things.

"Morning Mr. Brian." The class replied, almost monotonously.

"There's the guy who used your ballpen." Kelly, who was sitting beside Eve now, murmured. Eve gave her a nudge but nothing more.

Well, there he was. The guy Eve fell for when there were tons of other guys in school. Teenage guys. Eve had no idea why or when this had happened. All she knew was that it just had happened and she couldn't help it. Of course, who can?

"Okay, take out your pens and put back all notebooks. We have a quiz." He said, grabbing a set of papers from his desk. The class groaned but didn't retaliate.

As he was passing around the papers, Kate, who was now sitting in front of Eve and Kelly, looked back and asked,

"What the hell is this test about?"

Both Eve and Kelly shrugged. But when Eve got hold of the paper, she let out a sigh of relief. She knew this.

A good 45 minutes later, both Eve and Kelly finished and turned their papers over. Eve leaned back against her chair and glanced towards Brian. He was leaning against the table, watching them answer. Her thoughts wandered towards him. She kept asking herself why. Why a teacher. A teacher! None of her friends had believed her when she had first told them. They thought she was just joking, making it up. But Eve had been serious. So they had vowed to find the perfect guy for her and make her forget Brian. So far, they were teasing and pairing her up with Lee Conner and had gotten the whole class to believe that they liked each other. But Eve and Lee were far from liking each other. They were enemies, as a matter of fact. At least that's what they said. But enemies was a strong word. They were just two good friends who cant stop bickering and fighting. You know the type. But they were still close friends, no matter what they said. And all the teasing had no effect on them, they still fought. But Kelly, Ashley, and Kate wouldn't give up.

"You done, Eve?" Mr. Brian's voice cut through Eve's thoughts.

"Uh, yes sir." She replied with a smile. He smiled back and she looked away. She had no idea she had been staring at him.

Lee and Eve's eyes met and Lee mouthed,

"You done? You'll fail!"

Eve stuck her tongue out at him and he did the loser sign at her. She rolled her eyes.

"I saw that." Kelly whispered.

"Saw what?" Eve replied.

"You and Lee." Kelly replied.

"Jeez so now we cant even talk?" Eve asked.

Kelly was saved from an answer when Mr. Brian announced it was time to pass the papers.

"Well, we have five minutes left. What do you want to do?" he said, after collecting the papers.

"Go out!" shouted someone.

"Early lunch sir please!" someone else said.

Mr. Brian shuffled through the papers for a moment and then said,

"Half of the class failed on this quiz, you expect me to dismiss you?" he asked loudly, pretending to be angry. The class laughed.

"Sir, we aced the test!" Lee shouted.

"You were the one who got zero, Lee!" Mr. Brian replied. The class laughed, Eve especially. Then he nodded and dismissed the class. The class cheered loudly and got up to go for an early lunch. Eve and Kelly made their way to the cafeteria and, after getting their food, sat down and waited for Ashley and Kate, who had gone to the rest rooms.

"Guess what we heard in the washroom!" Ashley exclaimed as she sat down with her food.

"Someone hooked up with someone else probably." Kelly exclaimed and Eve laughed.

"No stupid! We are going to be presenting a dance for the parents on School day!" Kate said, seemingly pretty excited.

"We do that every year!" Eve exclaimed, rolling her eyes.

"Not this dance. We are doing Ballroom Dances!" Ashely said. Both Eve and Kelly groaned.

"Oh god! I hate ballroom dances! No! Who told you?" Kelly asked.

"A couple of other girls in the washroom. And they said it was the principal who announced it during this morning's assembly." Ashley replied.

Of course. They wouldn't know anything about it because they had been hiding in the gym. No reason really. They liked breaking school rules.

"No! That means dancing with boys and wearing stupid itchy gowns! That sucks! Does everyone have to join?" Eve groaned. She hated gowns with every drop of blood in her body.

"Duh. Come on it wont be that bad! You'll get to dance with Lee!" Ashley exclaimed, winking at her.

"Who said I'll be dancing with that jerk?" Eve asked suddenly.

"Oh, you'll see. Wait for gym class." Kate said, not looking at Eve and smiling her wicked smile, which meant something was definitely up.

All Eve could do was groan.

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