Chapter 8 ( The ending, in other words… damn!)

Brian staggered up the stairs to his office. Last night's program had left him totally exhausted and he hadnt even had a good night's sleep since he had to help clear out the auditorium they had rented for the program. It had all ended at about three o clock in the morning for him. He reached the door and put in the keys and turned, just to notice that it wouldn't. He grabbed the handle and pushed the door and found out that it was open. He shook his head and began muttering how irresponsible he was getting, forgetting to lock the door. He entered and took off his coat and hung it at the back of the door. Then he turned around once more to face his table and saw something that wasn't a usual sight. Sitting right in the middle was a small box, brightly wrapped and with a card on top of it. He went over to it and took the card and opened it.

Hi sir! I bet you already know who this is!

Just wanted to thank you for all you did for

Me not only yesterday, not only a couple of

Weeks ago but ever since I first came to this school.

You did more for me than any other teacher ever did

And ever will.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ill never forget you.

Lot's of love,

Eve P.S: Hope you like the gift!

Brian closed the card and sat down on the chair behind his table, most of his exhaustion fading away. It felt good to be thanked, appreciated and remembered after all he had done not only for Eve, but for the entire school. He brought the box closer and turned it around a bit. Then when curiosity got the better of him, he slowly opened the wrapper. Once fully unwrapped, he was holding a leather chocolate brown box and he knew what it was instantly. He took hold of the two sides and opened it carefully and in front of him lay a beautiful silver watch. He took it out of the box and looked at it closely.

"This is expensive," he muttered. He tried it on and loved it. He cleared out his table, throwing the wrapper and keeping the box and card safe in his drawer, stood up and went out the door to look for Eve.

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