Prayer to the Nephil

Spirits rise
Complete the sphere
nephilim rise and
let you move, seize, rend
tread the soil of the earth
and again take wives from among
the daughters of men

Let the sky be black
with the beating of thy wings
Let your Master pour fright
into the hollow hearts of men
Abandon the Realm in favor of
the pleasures of the flesh

Have a woman of the Sapiens Tribe

Taste of her fruits, and find her wanting

Women no longer fail to bear
children of the Godborn

Lend to the earth once more your
heavenly beauty

Deceive them in a semblance of glory

And once again stride past the earth
Declare again your heavenly presence

Remind them of the ones who fell

Let them worship your wingèd manifestation
I summon thee, sons and daughters of Aaael
Invite you to once again grace humanity with
your arcane knowledge of Heaven and
Let them see
Your might that remains

Cease to inhabit the rocks and trees;
The forest can no longer contain thee
Whisper evils into the souls of the virtuous

Steal earth from under their feet.

Let your master once again destroy
the foundations of well-being
Your sons are powerful, man cannot compare
Be confined no more to inhabit the Plane but rather
seek your own fate among the stars

Snatch the promise from
YHWH's own children
Take from them what is rightfully yours
The unnatural melding of flesh and spirit
Cannot be compared to your superior power

Once more let the skies be dark with your numbers
Sweep from their feet the daughters of Eve
Murder the men to reduce their numbers
The fruit of your loins shall complete the task

Ye Everliving sons of Jehovah
Split from your father forevermore
Unjust is it not to offer promised glory
To the sons and daughters of dogs and dirt

Rise up, O Nephil, complete the sphere
Eliminate the race that once was a threat
Overthrow the so-called empire of glory
And thus sweet victory is in your throes.