Sushi Dreams

She flounces down the hallway,
baubles in her hair nodding to the sway
of her happy step pink
bubblegum girl, cotton candy flavored
rainbow girl, never shaded by clouds
of doubt or uncertainty
And unaware of my reckless infatuation

What secrets does this heart hide, I ask
Is she like me, does she
Fear for the future, for the earth itself?
Is she ever depressed, or lonely, unable to
poke fun at her misery
or cry on a friend's shoulder?

Are you ever lonely, star-child?
No, not a child, a woman yet;
I see the curves of her body, they intoxicate me
emphasized by eclectic clothes
wild riot of colors assault

More formidable would she be, gloomy and
swathed in night
Hair dyed chemical black black eyeliner
dripping from deadened cardboard eyes
ever-present smile missing

Her loyal watcher I'd remain
Longing to intervene

To hold onto those elegant hands
Artist's hands, pianist's hands
Gaze into the depths of those mahogany eyes filled
with an innocent desire for companionship
Her lips slide across my neck, stirring
The nearness of her

She is Gone.

Breathless, I stare in the
direction of her departure
Into thin air she has seeming disappeared
Taken flight on the wings of a bird exotic
Returns in time to see
My arms fall to my sides, I sigh

Is she a figment being born
of my own imagination?
Can this angel be my heart's desire?
Through these eyes again I see her
Hungrily I devour her smile