On Opposite Sides of the World

Chapter One

Two Wrongs Make a Right


The noise thundered, followed by a crash. The smell of charred wood and burnt chemicals wafted into the air along with smoke that gushed out from our table. Someone quickly flipped open the door and others slid the windows open. The fire alarm shrilled, but it evidently did not help the situation one bit, considering it only succeeded in deafening everyone in this room who wasn't already deaf before…but then again, it could've made them more deaf, who knew? Random heads stuck themselves into our room in a furtive attempt to see through the smoke. All students and teachers were staring wide-eyed at Christi Waverly and me.

And speaking of me, I had only just realized that I was sprawled on the floor. Christi was leaning over the table with only the top half of a testing tube. I was about to burst into hysterical laughter when I noticed a pair of black, leather shoes…and unfortunately, there could only be one person who owned those hideous looking shoes. It was undoubtedly Mr. Connertz, our honorable AP chemistry teacher. I composed myself from guffawing and looked up.

My mouth dropped open right there.

Connertz glared down at me through his round spectacles, lips puckered up and cheeks hollow as if he had eaten a lemon, just like one of those faces on those Warhead candy wrappers. His expensive-looking suit was drenched in…none other than the chemicals that we were working with only a second ago. His hair was dripping, and a puddle of mysterious green liquid had gathered at his feet.

"What is the meaning of this?" He roared, spit flying everywhere.

I mentally reminded myself to take a thorough shower when I got back to my dorm.

It took me a few seconds to realize that I was shorter than everyone else, and another few seconds to realize exactly why. And me, being the slow person that I was, took another few seconds to detach myself from my former acquaintance – the floor. Christi straightened from her position on the table and glanced at the teacher, whose nostrils were growing wider by the minute.


I found myself holding the bottom half of our Bunsen burner with one hand and a rubber wire with the other. At my feet, glass shards were everywhere, probably from a previous flask we had used, and I also found the second pea in the pod to my topless Bunsen burner.

"YES? I would like to hear an explanation Miss Emerson."

"Well you see Mr. Connertz, it was rather…an accident." I said, choosing my words carefully. I looked up pleasantly at the teacher, but I guessed that Connertz really wasn't in the mood, considering that he just shot me a look of pure fury, and then proceeded to whip something out from inside his sleeve. I blinked. I blinked again. Had Mr. Connertz, a fully-grown male, promptly taken out a red polka-dotted pink handkerchief? And what was more, he wiped his huge beads, and let me emphasize, huge beads of sweat with that polka-dotted and pink handkerchief.

I just couldn't help it. I burst out laughing right there, and unfortunately, sprayed saliva onto my purple-faced teacher.

Mr. Connertz wiped the spit and chemical liquid from his face. "Do you find this funny Miss Emerson?" He waved his wet polka-dotted handkerchief threateningly at me. "You call this an accident?"

"Most certainly, yes." I said, my voice quivery. I still felt like laughing. "Despite the fact that a few equipments were broken, I find it safe to say that everything else is in tact. You need not worry Mr. Connertz."

"You…you…find…safe…" Those were all the words I could make out from Connertz's incoherent mumbling. Our chemistry teacher looked particularly flustered, if I do say so myself.

Christi gallantly took up the explaining role. "We were trying to heat up the chemical, just like it said in the lab procedures, but unfortunately right after Rynora placed the Bunsen burner under our flask did I realize we hadn't uncapped it. But by then it was already too late…and yeah, it exploded."

From the way she said it, it seemed as if forgetting to uncap a heated liquid was a rather commonly made mistake by AP Chemistry students. Oh, and really, it was. But then again, it really did seem to explain why I had gotten a D- on my lab safety quiz.

Connertz looked as inflated as a hot air balloon now. His abnormally thin face was turning from a delicate purple to a flushed scarlet. "You people are AP Chemistry students! How could you forget to uncap a heated liquid?"

"People do make mistakes Mr. Connertz."

Connertz glared at someone behind me. I didn't even have to turn around to know that it was our other lab buddy. But nevertheless, I turned, and saw him give Connertz an oh-so-innocent smile. I snorted – innocent my ass! Look who we were talking about here!

"Please do keep quiet Mr. Burke. I believe I did not ask for you to speak." I was actually shocked. I didn't think our flustered and traumatized chemistry teacher had the ability to form coherent sentences.

Things would've been so much easier if our other lab buddy hadn't burst out laughing at this point, but as things would have it, he did. And what was even worse? His laughter was contagious. Pretty soon, Christi and I were cracking up along with him, and unfortunately, Christi was banging her fist on the table rather loudly. I could practically feel the stares burning into the back of my head, but I was too far-gone into my hysterical state that I couldn't care even if I wanted to.

"What is so funny?"

This last little statement seemed to burst all the dams of laughter from the rest of the class. Now, our entire class sounded like an entire zoo of monkeys than anything else. But hey, what the heck, we were evolved from apes anyway – it wasn't a sin to act like one once in a while. Connertz glanced around helplessly and eventually stormed out of class with a, "Stay here you two!" warning.

There were puddles of slime green trailing after him.

I clutched onto the table for support. I was laughing so hard that I teetered around the place like a drunkard. I thought I could probably pass for one, considering my face was as bright and flushed as a tomato by now. I tried to settle down in the stool so I could at least prevent myself from crashing face-first into my spectacular new acquaintance, but I graciously tripped in thin air. The next second later, my arms were flapping helplessly as I made an unsuccessful attempt to fly. This wasn't the first time I wished that I had been born as a bird instead of a human – humans could be so useless at times like this. I braced myself for the impact, but a few seconds later found it stupid. There was no impact to begin with.

Confused, I blinked open an eye and found one of our lab buddies, Julian Burke, staring down at me with an amused glitter in his bright blue eyes. He supported me with a hand on my back and another around my waist.

I stared up at him, blinking for a few moments before I recognized the presence of a mysterious arm around my waist. I risked a glance down…and promptly burst out yelling.


He looked surprised. "What?"

I attempted to shove away from him. "How dare you take advantage of me in this situation! YOU DIRTY PERVERT! Let go!" I was pretty sure that I made myself clear enough for any normal human being to understand, but strangely, he just would not let go.

"God Burke, let me go!"

Julian raised an eyebrow. "I did."

I scowled. "Do you think I'm stupid? Or do you think I'm blind? If I'm still stuck to you then what does that imply huh?"

"That you're holding onto me?"

I thrust a finger into the air. "Exactly! And so…WHAT?"

He glanced down towards his arms, and I followed his line of sight. His arms were no longer around me, but instead, I was clutching onto his jacket and arms. In my shock, I abruptly released my hold onto him, and felt myself falling through air again. It was only his quick reflexes that saved me from my doomed fate.

Except this time, we both kind of toppled over, and I coincidentally landed on top of him.

I picked myself up from my pancake position, and realized just how close I was to his presence. I jerked up and got onto my knees, smacking him in the process. "You don't learn, do you? I specifically told you not take advantage of me, but you just forgot…again!"

Julian paused for a moment, as if contemplating my wrath before raising an eyebrow. "How do I take advantage of you when you're the one who's on top of me?"

I crossed my arms. "I am clearly not lying on top of you, so stop making up lies!"

"You're straddling me though."

I blinked and looked down. Yes, that was indeed true. I, Rynora Emerson, was indeed straddling Julian Burke. Did anyone have any idea how embarrassing this was? Especially when the entire class was staring, mouth-wide at us.


I was so startled at the loud voice that I promptly fell on top of him again. Psh, as if that made things any better. But for some strange reason, I wanted very much to cackle evilly, but seeing as I was with my best pal, the floor, along with a third wheel, and seeing that our principal had arrived, well, I didn't deem it appropriate to start my evil cackle right there.

Our famous principal of Halverson Boarding High School stared down at me, tapping his foot against the floor. What was up with teachers always staring down at me today? It got rather annoying after a while to have people stare down at you – I'd rather prefer that they look at me to my proper height. But then again, I wasn't accustomed to being on the ground all day long, so I got the message. Now it made me wonder what an ant must feel all the time…those poor things. Next time, I'll give them the honor of crawling onto my hand before I smashed their guts out. At least they could die at a higher level.

My brain was so corrupted with my evil thoughts on destroying the entire ant kingdom that it took me a few minutes to realize that Traverse was attempting conversation with me.

I looked up at him. "Why hello Mr. Traverse."

His smile was tight. "Miss Emerson, if you would kindly detach yourself from Mr. Burke, I'd think that we'd be able to communicate easier."

I gave him a greatly exaggerated smile. "No kidding."

I picked myself up from the Julian and dusted my butt, also known as my loyal cushion. It was tragic that the jeans I had worn today were white, so there were dusty marks all over my ass. Julian stood up after my weight was taken off of him, and he sat back into one of the swivel stools.

By the time I had my full attention on him, Traverse was looking highly disgruntled. "I'm all set now Mr. Traverse. Please do talk."

"Thank you Miss Emerson." I could feel him vibrating in anger. "I would like to start off by inquiring what you and Mr. Burke were doing the moment I stepped in."

"Oh, that." I waved my hand dismissively. "Nothing too important to attract your attention Mr. Traverse. He was merely carrying me – that was all. I sure hope that I haven't violated any school rules by doing so."

His lips were compressed tightly. "It is against school rules, to engage in any inappropriate activities."

I widened my eyes in mock horror. "Why I never Mr. Traverse! We were not, by any chance, engaging in anything sexual, if that was what you were implying. It is completely dreadful of you to suggest such a thing and I am utterly horrified that you would dare insult a student with those absolutely revolting implications."

Traverse looked like he had just been smacked in the face with a baseball.

"I did…I did not imply such things young lady!" he roared.

Julian stepped up beside me, his dazzling smile in full gear. I raised an eyebrow – why use that smile on our principal? Did he actually think that he could charm the pants off of Traverse and turn his knees to jelly the way his smile turned every other girls' knees? But nevertheless, there was a chorus of sighs in the class. I mentally gagged. Sure, sure, Julian Burke was hot and dashing, but there was no reason for the saliva to be drooling out of their gaping mouths like pathetic dogs when they saw meat.

Traverse eyed him warily. "Perhaps you would like to explain yourself Mr. Burke?"

"There's nothing to explain Mr. Traverse." His voice was just too innocent.

I watched as Traverse inhaled deeply. He must've been furious, but it was a pity that teachers weren't allowed to insult students, else those profanities would've been flying.

Instead, Traverse turned around and glared at Connertz. I watched in awe as Connertz's face visibly went pink around the cheeks. Aww! Our chemistry teacher was blushing!

"Miss Emerson and Miss Waverly." Traverse was back to pick on us. "I hope you understand the severity of the damage you have caused. I do wish that you would take into consideration that your parents-"

"If you'll allow me, Mr. Traverse." I cut in respectfully, or err…not so respectively. "I do frankly believe that you are wasting our time as well as your own. If you haven't noticed yet, we are at a boarding school, and I believe that dragging our parents into this would not be a very smart idea. I do doubt that any of our parents would fly across the Pacific Ocean-"

"Atlantic." someone hissed.

I shrugged. "Alright, and Atlantic, or any ocean for that matter. Furthermore Mr. Traverse, I'm sure you know better than any of us that this Halverson High is rich. And allow me to kindly inform you that our parents are filthy moneybags. The amount of money that you would bother for them to cross any ocean to pay for us is merely just a cent of what you earn. I suggest you leave things at that and if you would like to bill us, then by all means do so."

The entire class was silent.

Christi was grinning from ear to ear in radiance. Traverse, on the other hand, looked rather ill. His face had turned awfully pale, and his eyes were bloodshot. I guessed that no other student had ever been quite disrespectful or blunt to him before, but hey, the Emerson family had pride and dignity. If you saw my brother's previous records at Halverson, then you would understand what I meant by family pride.


I was actually amazed that Traverse had managed to get one word out. He jabbed a shaking finger at me, his whole face contorted into anger. "You…your parents will see to this one!"

Losing all of his respectful principal dignity, he stormed out of the room, slamming the door in his wake. Connertz stared at the door as if it had sprouted claws, and the next second later, the entire class burst into hoots and howls. Everyone was pleased at the prospect that someone had stood up against our tyrant of a principal, and whoopee, that person was me.

"Rynora!" Christi jumped on top of me. "That was fantastic, girl!"

I managed to squeeze in a breath of oxygen. Christi was hugging me so tightly that she had successfully cut off my air supply. I had no idea as to whether she really was intending on murdering me, or if her hugs were just this suffocating. I chose the latter quickly, considering that I really had no desire to have a serial killer as a best friend – a serial killer that killed with hugs.

The bell rang.

I bent down to pack my stuff up, and noticed dozens of broken glass shards on my backpack. I carelessly dumped them to the floor. If my parents were paying, I might as well make the most of it right?

Julian flashed me one of his trademark smiles, the ones that turned bone to jelly. "You're brilliant, did you know that?"

I gave him a bow. "Of course."

He quirked a brow. "Your arrogance will not do you well my friend."

"Your egotistical self will likewise ruin your life, Burke."

I regretted that the moment I said it. Want to know why?

"EGOTISTICAL? Did you call him egotistical Emerson?"

Now that was exactly why. I had forgotten that Julian himself had a horde of loyal female defenders. Oh, and the one that had just shrieked like the wicked witch of the west? She was no simple loyal female defender – she was his queen, his current residing girlfriend.

Much to my amusement, Julian winced along with me.

I granted her a deadly sarcastic bow, and attempted a British accent. "Why if it isn't Madame Joyner."

Shayna Joyner stuck her nose into the air as if to make a point. I was assuming she was going for that I'm-going-to-look-down-on-you look, but sadly for her case, it didn't work. The main problem was her height. Ever seen a 5'3" try that glance on a 5'7"? It'd be pretty accurate to say that it looked hilariously ridiculous and pathetic.

"You think you're all that Emerson," she said in that snide high-pitched pig squeal, "just because Will was hot doesn't mean his sister's any good. In fact, you're such a disgrace to Will."

I wanted to gag. She had said his name so lovingly as if Will was ever close to her in the first place! Repulsive! If my brother ever dared to get a girlfriend like that, I'd disown him the minute he dared utter a syllable of her name.

"If you'll excuse me, it's William not Will." I corrected, flipping my hair back to mock her favorite move. "I don't think you're close enough to call my brother Will. I'm sorry, but it's just the way things work around here."

"Why you little brat!" She shrieked again. Oh DAMN! Earplugs anyone?

I restrained my hands from the temptation to cover my ears. Instead, I stared pointedly at the petite blonde. "You may like squealing like a pig Shayna, but we humans do not like hearing it. It's a tragedy that human ears are not made for pig squeals, and so if you'll excuse me, I will kindly rid myself of your presence. Good day to you all." I nodded towards Julian. "And Julian?"

He looked at me.

"Do have fun with your lovely pink pet."

With that, Christi and I walked proudly down the lab tables. We abandoned our prestigious posture right when we reached the door, and promptly bolted. I would've killed myself if I were forced to hear that squeal again. We made it as far as the lockers before we both broke down into inexorable laughter.

"Aw damn that was a good one!" Christi yelped, pounding her fist against the locker. She was laughing so hard that she was crying, but she didn't stop to wipe the tears away. She just continued pounding and laughing.

"Thank you." I managed to gasp. My stomach was already starting to hurt, but I couldn't seem to be able to stop laughing anytime soon.

I heard approaching footsteps, and then I was hid in a shadow. "Hey Rynora, you okay?"

I forced my laughter down at the voice and peered up.

Hey look…it was a random guy just standing in front of me. I vaguely remembered his face in chemistry class, but he was one of those popular jocks that I ignored. What was his name again? Connor? No…Christian? Ah no. Christopher? Hmm…


He blinked for a moment, and then cleared his throat. "Uh…I asked if you were okay?"

Christi looked at us with an amused twinkle in her hazel eyes.

"Oh…oh right." I cursed myself for my short attention span. "Yeah, I'm perfectly fine."

The…anonymous…boy grinned. Carl? Calvin? Ah how about…Cameron?

To tell the truth, he wasn't what I would label extremely hot, but his looks were good enough for a jock. All he needed was a touch up on that nose, straighten his curly hair, fix up on his chin, and get rid of those ugly baggy jeans that sagged till his boxers were showing. Now honestly! Who gave a damn about what kind of boxers he wore that day? I didn't know about other people, but I certainly couldn't care less if I wasn't granted the sight of seeing his underpants. I may sound picky, but hey, it really wasn't too much to demand for. I had high expectations for wannabe boyfriends.

"That's good." He commented.

I nodded and waited.

The jock shifted nervously under my gaze. Was I really that terrifying? After another few seconds, he licked his lips – what kind of guy does that? – and jammed his hands in the pocket of his baggy faded jeans. "Listen um…do you want to…uh that is…you know about the Fall Fiesta dance right? Right how could you not, you're on the committee." He backpedaled. "What I'm trying to say is…do you…uh…"

I looked at him patiently, despite my urge to tell him to get whatever he wanted to say out of his pathetic mouth. "Yes?"

I could tell he was extremely flustered already. I should've helped the poor guy out, but I had no idea what he wanted to say, so I remained mute and waited for him to get his case of tongue twister away.

And fortunately for me, he never got it out of him. Instead, he only gave a quick excuse of being late for class, and darted away with a short 'I'll talk to you later'. That was another thing to add to the list of why I won't date a guy like him. Guys who stutter and make a fool of themselves around girls are sore losers. If they can't even prevent themselves from stuttering, then they didn't have what it took to be a good boyfriend.

I turned to spin the dial on my locker when Christi started guffawing again.

I frowned at the lock. "What do you have? Laughing hypothermia?"

"You made the poor boy's life miserable!"

I pulled out my English notebook and stuffed in my chemistry binder. "How so?"

Christi looked at me with that mischievous twinkle in her hazel eyes. "You're dense Rynora. Did I ever tell you how dense you were?"

"No, I'm afraid you left that little detail out." I grumbled.

Christi just tilted her head in humor. "He wanted to ask you out."

I tossed her the English notebook having realized it was hers. "Uh huh? Anything else you would like to share? We've gone over this a billion times. Who would want to ask me out? Besides, I'm not interested."

"Those jocks wouldn't give up so easily, I'll bet you." Christi shrugged. "Stop pushing them away. Though I don't take an interest in guys in this school, I've had a few boyfriends before, and they weren't that bad."

I raised an eyebrow. "Who said I never had a boyfriend before?"

She smirked. "I'm sure you have." She leaned closer to make a point. "You didn't even know who he was, did you?"

"Nope, and I don't particularly care." I slammed the locker door shut.

She grinned. "Cody Michaels."

So that was the name! I knew it started with C, I just didn't get the chance to go through the rest of the English alphabet to match up all the rest of the four letters of the name.

"Glad to see that you've got all the boys of Halverson High down."

We started walking again. "Well come on, it was funny seeing Cody Michaels flustered – the guy that has almost as long a dating history as Julian and Alex."

I raised an eyebrow. "And I'm sure you know what he usually acts like?"

Christi shrugged. "I don't know, but all jocks are the same. Arrogant, self-important, wealthy, and overall, a bunch of bastards." She ticked her fingers off.

I only laughed.

"But nevertheless, I'm sure tons of people would pay an impressive amount to have him stammer like that in front of them."

"Jocks are too used to having people bow down at their feet. If one rejects them, they become useless."

We had reached our English class already, but we were in no hurry to get in. As usual, we were extremely early. I guessed that most students wanted to keep away from these classrooms as long as possible. No kidding, I agreed whole-heartedly. Chemistry had already been bad enough, but it was nothing compared to AP English.

Christi leaned against a pole. "Well, I wouldn't say that, considering the fact that if someone like Cody Michaels even thought of asking you out, then that's saying something."

"I've got Will's reputation under my belt. It's a wonder that people pay attention to me." I rolled my eyes.

Christi winked. "Well, you are your own personality."

"You shouldn't be talking Christi." I eyed her.

"Pardon me?"

"You're amongst one of the high targets for the boy crowd too." I said. It was true – Christi Waverly was beautiful. Her hair was long and silky, her eyes wide framed by long eyelashes. Oh, and did I mention that she was half Asian half American? Hybrid girls were completely drop-dead gorgeous, that was for sure. Unfortunately for the guy crowd, she may have been candy to the eye, but she was bitter to the tongue to anyone who dared to cross her.

She threw her head back and laughed. "Oh please, since when did I even come into the picture?"

Without another word, she pulled open the classroom door, but before we could enter, a few hoots and howls drew our attention. I rather thought that it should've been trumpets instead. Guess who had arrived?

It was the famous Julian Burke and his best friend, coincidentally our other lab buddy, Alexander Iverson.

The boys themselves, however, weren't paying too much attention to the stares they drew. I guessed that they were used to it by now, those popular freaks. Alex had a group of girls surrounding him, but he was only talking, or should I say, flirting with a tall, purple-eyed brunette.

PURPLE-EYED? Oh wait, those were colored contacts – the new 'in-style'. Now truly, I didn't understand why bimbos and cheerleaders bothered to buy contacts – their vision was probably 20/20. Still, money was never an issue for them, especially when it benefited their looks.

Well, speaking of this, Alex, being Alex, just had to be the golden boy of Halverson High. His hair was a beautiful brown, highlighted with golden streaks. It was usually spiked, but on the rare occasions he let it down, he was breathtaking, just like today.

He caught sight of me and raised a hand in greeting. I nodded back.

Then again, there was Julian Burke, undoubtedly hottest and cutest boy in school. His sleek and bright golden blonde hair was never spiked, nor dyed, but rather fell casually into his sparkling blue eyes, which were usually quite bright, thus giving them the sparkly look. His cuteness originated from the dimple in his right cheek, and his smile was entirely too brilliant. He was tall, lithe, and compact – in short, handsomely figured.

Sadly, I felt nothing for the boy. Because of this, I've had tons of girls throw insults at me, the most common ones being, "Yo lez, caught any girls today?". Hey, if I didn't like the hottest boy in the school, it didn't mean I was a lesbian. It wasn't my fault that Julian Burke didn't spike my interest.

Julian stopped chatting with one of his, amazingly, male friends, and grinned at me. I raised an eyebrow in confusion. I had just dissed his girlfriend back there in that classroom a few minutes ago, and here he was, giving me one of his trademark dazzling smiles that most girls dubbed 'to die for'. Perhaps he was trying to intimidate me, though I had no idea how it was capable of being done with a smile.

Alex tore himself away from the pouting girl and walked over to us. Personally, I wanted to keep my distance from him, seeing as the girl looked like she wanted to murder me in a second. He swung an arm around my shoulder. "So how are my favorite girls doing?"

Christi gave him a mocking smirk. "Not as good as you're faring."

He laughed.

I swung his arm off. "Down Iverson."

I gave him a grin before scurrying to my seat, a second before the bell rang. Mrs. Gherkin didn't seem too pleased with the fact that we had made it in on time. But hey, what the heck, we were good students. Julian and Alex also made it in a mere half a second before the bell. I could practically see Gherkin's eyes blaze in fury – anyone could tell she so badly wanted to give those two misfits a detention.

"Now class." She finally said. "Your Julius Caesar tests are ready and you'll get them back in a few minutes."

I groaned. Not those tests. I had stayed up till two in the morning watching a late night movie and had forgotten all about that damned English test. Christi had stayed up with me as well, but English was her subject. Ah, I couldn't even answer the one question on what 'et tu, Brute' meant.

See what a failure I was?

"Miss Emerson!"

I snapped my head up. "Yes?"

"Would you please pay attention when I am talking?" Gherkin glared at me. "Perhaps this is one of the reasons that you do so poorly on tests."

I gaped. What? Had she just…insulted my test grade and me in front of the entire class? How dare she?

I stood up in my seat. "Now see here Mrs. Gherkin-"

"For heaven's sake! Please do get back into your seat at once Miss Emerson! I will not have you disrupting my class, thank you very much!"

Grumbling, I slowly sat back down. I did not have a good relationship with teachers – that was for sure.

Gherkin cleared her throat. "Now, as I would like to say, we have already entered the drama portion of reading, seeing as Shakespeare's Julius Caesar was a play."

I rolled my eyes. No duh.

She clapped her hands together excitedly. "I know you've been dying from reading all those boring stories from boring textbooks…"

"You only just found out?" I grumbled, but not quiet enough.

Gherkin glared at me again. "Would you like to say something, Miss Emerson?"


"Then please keep your mouth shut."

Jesus Christ! Why did teachers always have to get on my case? What, was it a mutual agreement that every teacher in this whole darn world would hate me? Why was it always me?

From the corner of my eye, I saw Julian smirking to himself, but Alex was less discreet as he promptly just laughed. Christi looked like she wanted to giggle, but she had restrained herself from doing so by clasping a hand over her mouth. I grumbled. Some sympathy would be nice here! Not laughter! No laughter!

"The drama teacher, Mrs. Holt, has kindly given us the opportunity to perform a play. We will be using the drama class theatre and will perform in the winter assembly."

The entire class groaned. I made sure that mine was the loudest. Gherkin had better be kidding us. We weren't drama people! This was English. ENGLISH. Nowhere close to drama, and here our esteemed Mrs. Gherkin insisted upon we do a play. Oh God forbid…

Someone raised a hand. "What will the play be on?"

"Patience Jeffrey, allow me to explain." I swore that I was going to murder my English teacher one of these days. "The play is a script that both Mrs. Holt and I has written. It will not be real of course, but it is, indeed, a play that will have humor as well as, the magic word, romance."

ROMANCE? Did she just say romance? We were too young for this kind of stuff!

Or…maybe not, but the point still stood! I refused to participate in an R rated play written by an antiquated English teacher and an overly bubbly drama teacher.

"The parts will be drawn by luck tomorrow and this play will be your semester final grades."

I choked back hysterical laughter. Oh boy, there went half my life.

Why did everything go wrong today? For heaven's sake it was only second period!

And please, whoever said two wrongs made a right?

That was just for stupid brainless idiots!

You know what I say?

Two wrongs never make a right.

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