Losing You

I remember not too long ago

When I was right beside you.

I thought of when the time would come

the time would come to lose you.

I know that it was coming

It was useless to pretend.

That eventually we would be apart

My grip had loosened on the thread.

It's quite ironic really

and funny now it seems.

That the closer we had gotten,

the more distant we became.

We spent so much time together

I guess that I forgot.

The only way I'd stay with you

Is to be everything I'm not.

I was not sure if I could do it.

Time just was not on my side.

Although I did try to do my best,

my best still remained to hide.

Alas, it was too late.

The door already stood ajar.

And I slowly walked out one final time

so now I watch you from afar.

Here I am, a long while later

still hoping for you to see.

I miss all our times together,

and those times you'd smile at me.

I ponder on those times

more than I really should.

Still hoping and still wishing

to be close to you, if I could.

The hardest thing of moving on

is knowing where you've been.

Knowing that what you've left behind

you might never see again.

And although I clearly see you

your hand I cannot reach.

Things are simple not the same

and my pain I cannot preach.

I see you smile,

I watch you glow;

But there is still one thing

that you do not know.

You had made me happy,

the best feeling in the world.

And now I can continue to smile

even if I'm all alone.