Why are you so afraid of me

Written by: Felicia Spencer

Wowzer, I like the way this poem came out. It was a stroke of genius. Anyway it's a poem about love, and how some people treat the others like their invisible in a relationship. Anyways I'm not making much sense right now. Blame on early morning caffeine. Enjoy, and don't forget to read and review. Laters.

Am I ruthless like Genghis Khan

Intimidate you and make you run

Do I scare you so easily

Why do you run away from me

Am I a troll in desguise

Turn you to stone with my eyes

Will I ever be the one

I guess not, cause you always run

Is this the way it's going to be

Why are you so afraid of me

Do you think I'll hurt you more

Cut you up and make you sore

Turn around and walk out the door

Tell me what is all this for

I love you and that's no lie

Yet you try to make me cry

You love not I, and I tell

My love I only wish you well

But our love is not meant to be

Because you're so darn afraid of me