A/N: Before you read this, I warn you that the style of this story is going to be in the POV (point of view) style...and I don't care how many times ppl have said not to do it (so shoot me XD),this was just too fun to write this way! Enjoy!

.:Operation File No. 1:.

Eugene's Pov

2 months ago...


Attn: AgentChoi Eugene
From: W.I.T Mission Headquarters
Your next target is Lee Mi-sook, widowof Kim Ki Gook and a nuclear physicist at Canadian headquarters of NewFoundations INC. The target's lab is on the verge of discovering a new energy of vital importance.

Mission Objectives

1) Secretly protect the target and her family as many are after the informaiton in her hands.
2) Find means to enter the highly secured New Foundations headquarters as a security check

Current Objectives
1. The target's dependent is in a student exchange program-BECOME THAT EXCHANGE STUDENT
2. Become well integrated in theKim family, so that they TRUST YOU
Report to Kang Hocontact 9998765

-ENDdestroy file -


Eugene's POV

I looked at my watch. It was 12:59 pm. I had just gotten off the plane 25 minutes ago, and I was dead tired from the long flight from Korea to Canada. I groaned as the straps on my backpack dug into my shoulders, and pulled out an email that I had printed off my computer 2 days ago.

To: Ginnie tipsa gospey. com
Subject: Meeting time

Dear Ginnie,
I just want to confirm that I will pick you up at the airport at 12:30pm EST and that everything is well documented. And by all means, I think we should both hold a red carnation to recognized each other by.
Cannot wait to meet you're acquaintance.

Sincerely Yours

I groaned again as I looked at the carnation in question- it was beginning to look more like a withered Kleenex than a flower. I was actually really looking forward to this trip to Canada after I received that mission from headquarters two months ago. Yes, believe it or not I am a member of W.I.T. because it's pretty hard for a matured agent to pose as a high school student - so they have to use a real high school student like me. Not that I'm a real high school student.

I'm a single child and I really envied those that have siblings- I mean its pretty frustrating when you have no one close to pick on. So that's why I've been excited to go as an exchange student and have some quality girl time time with my exchange partner- girl time at the base is harder than you might think. I had emailed my exchange partner a few times and she seemed nice- you know the quiet gal that does-all-her-homework-kind of nice. I mean, really, I've been emailing the girl for weeks, and she uses words like 'acquaintance' and 'sincerely'. I think I can handle the kid.

Nice? Let's wipe that thought- my nice partner was LATE!

I glanced around, the crowd of passengers that came from the same flight as me were almost all gone. I looked and looked, but I couldn't find any of the female gender holding a red carnation. Well…there is that good-looking guy holding a bunch of red carnations- probably waiting for his girlfriend. Come on gals, a great assignment and a good-looking guy? Nada.

I sighed, and decided to sit at the nearby bench. I started to drag my luggage towards the bench- when all of a sudden, POP POP. I flew face first on to the floor, and it took me a few seconds to take in what had happen. The strap on my sandals had broken, and so did the clasp on my suitcase. My stuff was everywhere- runner in the flower pot, shirts under the bench, pencils rolling on the floor, underwear on an old man's this is embarrassing.

I frantically tried to pick up everything, and 'yes, mister' that underwear is mine. I was crawling on the floor when someone standing handed me my sock, and asked in a deep, hesitant, pleasant, and uh… manly voice, "Are you Ginnie from South Korea, my exchange student partner?"

Aah...what the heck, forget quality girl time, it turns out my partner may not be too happy with my 'handling' plans…from the look of him anyways….