.:Operation File No. 11:.


"Hey, give that back!"

"No, it's mine, can't you see my name on it?"

"What?! You put that on their yourself!"

"No, I didn't! Why, did you see me do it?"

"You didn't ask for cheese with your's!"

"Then, why did Steve put my name on it?"

"Steve, I asked for nachos with cheese, right?"

"I don't remember, but I know I remembered my orange juice with pulp and lots of Vitamin C. Want some?"

"Errr...never mind. But I know that you didn't ask for cheese, Eric."

Yes, it's lunch time and that was Min and Eric fighting over a pack of Nachos with cheese. Of course, you'd never think they'd do something like this just by looking at them. They were both too cool for something like this, unfortunately their true identities falls somewhere in the 'dork' department. Don't judge a book by it's covers is what they say...at least that's what Alf says.

"Eugene, you be the judge. Didn't I say I wanted cheese?"

And yes, Eugene's here too- talking to Aidan. In fact, everyone here was talking to someone, except for me...Alf doesn't count- the guy's arguing with his book. Charm's off somewhere, say she had some important meeting or something.

"Well, I wasn't there when you guys ordered."

"See, Min you can't prove anything."

"But, I'm sure Eric's lying."

"What do you mean?" Eric and Min narrowed their eyes.

Eugene turned to Steve, "When did you label the lunches?"

"Umm...as soon I paid for them because I didn't want to forget."

"Okay, so that was about thirteen hundred...roughly fifteen minutes ago?" Steve nodded. "What type of pen did you use?"

"I borrowed a permanent black Sharpie from the cashier."

"Judging from the 100 recycled, glaze-free packaging of the nachos," Eugene continued, "the absorbance rate of the ink on to the surface should roughly be point two five seconds. And one point zero, zero, zero two eight seconds. Only a fairly concentrated solution of sodium hypochlorite should be able to remove it entirely. So, in the fifteen minutes it took Steve to get here, the ink should be dried right?"

Thirty seconds earlier, we were just staring, but now we were just plain boring into Eugene's face.

"Right, guys?" Eugene asked nervously.

"Of course, I see where you're going." Aidan answered, nodding thoughtfully, the only not amazed- once again the guy talking to his book is an exception.

"Then Eric, what's that on your right hand?"

"My hand?" Eric asked stupidly, and lifted up his right hand. On his hand was a slightly smudged 'Eric' written on his hand.

"That, on your right hand, is proof that you put your name on the box of nachos yourself. So just give it back to Min."

"Okay." Eric said, handing the box to Min, scratching his head sheepishly.

"Err...right...thanks," Min said, holding the offered box in his hands, making to move to open it.

Poor guys, I think Eugene 'logic' may have fried the few brain cells that they had left...or is that to begin with?

So here we are, all quiet; Alf in his book; Aidan shovelling food like there's no tomorrow; Min holding his box of unopened nachos with the blank expression the rest of us had, and Eugene looking nervously at our blank faces.

Suddenly, Alf's head popped up, and turned to Eugene. Andy and I each handed Eugene a ruler we kept handy.

"Umm...I don't need a ruler?" Eugene said, unsure what to do with our offer.

"Trust me, you'll need it," Andy assured her.

"Take it, " I told her.


And Alf started, staring at Eugene seriously. "Eugene," he began, "do you know what you call cheese that's not your cheese?"


Still puzzled, I held the rulers that Andy and Junjin handed to me, and turned my attention to Alf who seemed to have some opinion about my derivation of the owner of the nachos with cheese.

"Eugene," he said, looking at me with those dreamy, dreamy eyes, "do you know what you call cheese that's not your cheese?"

He looked so serious, he must have some serious points to make, but I wasn't getting the direction he was heading. "I'm sorry, I don't think I know," I appologized for my ignorance.

"It's na-cho cheese, not-your cheese." And then he started laughing hyserically to himself.

That had to be the worst pun in the world.

Junjin and Andy sighed simaltaneously, pulled the rulers out my hands, and smacked Alf in the head with it. Abruptly, Alf stopped laughing, blinked and when back to reading.

What a weird human being.

"Not again. Sorry Eugene, Alf's like this when he finds a new victim." Andy winked at me, and received a slap on the head with Junjin's ruler.

"What was that for, man?" Junjin just shrugged, pretending to be innocent. What a cute expression with his pouty lips.

Blink, blink, stop it Eugene Choi!


That was Andy's revenge on Junjin- and 'let's see who can smack harder with a ruler" soon became a game. I turned back to Aidan oppa to discuss the new plans when we would need for the trip to the police station.


Finally, school was over. There was no basketball practice today, so I got to go home early.

The rest of the guys, along with Aidan, also split to spend sometime studying for the upcoming test- they may look like dorks, players, pranksters or whatever, but they got their priorties straight. I couldn't seem to contact Charm, and since it was Andy's turn to make sure Alf got home without running into trees or lamp poles while he tried to read and walk at the same time- I was free!

Well, Eugene is with me of course.

The bus ride home was quiet and restful. We are now walking towards my house. Once again, Eugene was humming to herself, and I was reminded of the carefree, and comfortable aura I felt from this morning. Her hair was swaying slightly as she walked, and the sunlight bathed-



"WATCH OUT!" I screamed as I saw a car run up the curb, and speed towards Junjin.

To be continued...