A/N: Hello, this isn't a piece of art or a poem with deep meaning...just a bit of fun and rhyme...no there are parts that are a little forced ) Enjoy it anyways

An Encounter

Once in a forest not very far away,

I met a little woman there in May.

Her skin was pale and tainted with green,

She jumped up and down like a jelly bean.

She was a pretty little thing,

Definitely a child born in spring.

Dressed in green with bright red hair,

She glared at me when she saw me stare.

She dropped down from a great oak tree,

"Do you have any syrups or honey?"

She gave me no greeting, grin or curtsy,

Nor tell me if her name is Linda or Josie.

I took what's left from my luncheon,

And she transformed into a sly charmeleon.

She fluttered at me those long red lashes,

I've never seen someone flirt with such rashness.

I blushed so red, it'd put roses to shame,

I took some sweets, which she claimed.

Green grass, roots andflowers clutched my feet,

Exactly when she kissed my blushing cheek.

A swish and a slap, she was up the tree,

I swear she disappeared in the tree before me.

Green grass, roots and flowers released my feet.

Dropping me into a muddy seat.

Once in a forest not very far away,

I met something there and did not stay.

Her skin was pale and tainted with green,

I'm sure it's a dryad I had seen.

Never Again will I venture there,

Though the red-headed dryad was quite fair.

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