The Kingless King

A hellish thunder awaking me, from my hellish sleep. For so long did the eyes long to awaking. Only to find myself back in this foul place. But to one thought wings to the night hellish taste. To catch what was seen in the seeing pot. What reason has called me back to this sorrowful sight of forgotten life? Here seeker of souls. My angel guide calls. For what did my wondering eyes did see. The angel said, cece homo which mean behold the man. Who are you and what is your sins I said. And he reply, I am the kingless king those that know me calls me compassion. For I have refuse my throne till I marry my queen who is calls true love. I turn to the angel with me and said, what is this truth about to be reveled to me. And the angel replies, seeker of souls listen to him well. So I said speak king for I shall hear you. The king reply, I shall take you back to the beginning to which it all started. When first I mat my queen.

(The king) oh dear wife for I have found you.

(The queen) who are you dear sir?

(The king) for I am your true husband.

(The queen) for this can not be true, I am already married. But for some strange reason I know you?

(The king) dear wife for I have fought battles against the prince of tyre to get here to you. But at last I am too late for time has closed her door again.

(The queen) why do I sense I know you so well?

(The king) I have loved you since before you were born. How is it that you do not know me?

(The queen) and yes my love is for you to strange.

(The king) but I am bounded by rules, you dear o wife belong to another. And by rules I must return to nothingness. So I ask only for this, render me this kiss with the parting of you.

Now seeker of souls I have not seen my queen for years. Not till time open her door again. Six years have passed and chances allow us to meet again.

(The queen) dear king, my true husband, it is I your queen.

But as I turn to see her, I saw that the ring was still there and her willingness to be with me was stronger. But I am bound by rules. For I can not taint life vows.

(The king) oh dear wife look upon your finger, for I am still awaiting a lover wife. So why do you stop me when you know this?

(The queen) dear king, my king all senses have come to me since last we mat. And I come to know you, for I love you only. Let me put away this man and take my place.

(The king) if you know me dear wife, than you know this thing you speak of can not be. For if you put away your husband I must flee from you. For the rules can not be broken. But I will take again a kiss with the parting of you.

(The queen) don't you know now that every kiss that you take breaks my strength all together. For the man I'm with I love no more since truth have come to me. And I can stand no longer seeing you a kingless king. And knowing your vows.

(The king) oh dear wife with you I am well pleads. But truth stands higher than that of love. And I can not bear to know that you have fallen from grace. Let us part till another life we meet.

(The king) and there soul seeker I parted from her. To return here to nothingness and I have put away my armor of war and have put my sword back in its place. Till time open her door again.

(The soul seeker) of you dear king, compassion is well kept. For my heart pour out to you. To hear such a story. To the world above I shall write it well. And pray to the father and the son which are in heaven. That some day you compassion and true love meet in marriage. For the world above need you both. Than the angel with me said, write no more soul seeker for I must return you to the world above.

By Ronald Campbell.