This heart of mine has failed to fall,

Pretentious and pretty-sounding words

So isolated but encompassing all,

Like a lonely prisoner watching for the birds.

So talk to me of love and life,

Of things so once unheard of

I've fallen backwards onto this knife

And the sky keeps on spinning above-

And it's like the oceans could dry,

In this second's time,

All the flowers could wither away..

And not one of them could Be

as beautiful to see
As you were to me that September day..

All the wonders and awes

Are undermined by my flaws

In a world that should have been flushed away

But the edges of those

Laid so close, our hearts rose

And we became one on that September day

How much stranger could it be

To look down, see you and me

Held so deep inside this trance

I begged inside for this to last.

How insecure but oh-so safe

I felt, falling into sin-

But the only demoralization, I see

Comes from hiding what lives so deep within

And they blame me for saying

For fuck all and no cares,

Far more than games we've been playing,

Just our love calling in their stares.

It still lingers sometimes now,

The taste of blood in my mouth

And desire that never really washed away;

I just wish those fuckers could see

This homeless heaven given to me,

Handed the keys to me that September day.

Far more then the farfetched,

Cast off by those deep-etched

Factors once strongheld in my days;

The whole world could never be

Half as beautiful to me

As you've been since that September Day.