This is the epitaph for the broken hearts,

The ones that got away

The line has snapped, we've lost our starts

The breadcrumbs led the wrong way.

This is the word for anonymous truths

For the generation Hex creations,

And your fascist regimes tried to rule all my dreams,

Scortched scars never heal without patience.

And they swear by the oathes they've forgotten,

By the fathers that lay dead by their hands;

That their misdeeds were for you and for me,

That no innocent blood soured our lands.

And the heavens forbid that retalliation drew near,

Any crack in the system means failure.

I am the face of your fears built up for so many years,

All your morals returning from pasture.

Held us fucking deep down,

Tore away all our rights.

Should have just let me drown,

Good luck and Good Night

Tied the nooses too loose,

Dragged your blades the wrong way

The gun never went off,

Never safegaurded the day

Never kept me alive,

Couldn't hold me awake

For your Liberty's lies,

A fucking Joke, and A Fake.

So this is the plauge for the fallen souls,

The sword held high now in defeat.

And the 7th storm turns now on your control,

The smell rising forever from beneath our feet.

This is the cry for those lost in vain,

For the war waged on induviduality

I wasn't aware asking peace was a pain,

Or there was a sin in the face of neutrality.

These are the war crimes of our alien world,

In the face of pain, laughed so loudly

Your Swastikamerican flags unfurled,

Desensitized one by one, so proudly.

This was your final taste of the past,

Of the world that we tried to destroy.

Eradicate emotions that will never last,

Corporate American has found his new toy.