I'm sorry for the thoughts, so gone

The twisted ideas I had.

And something I should have know all along,

Had to be brought on by the bad..

I'm sorry for not trying,

And for always giving in.

It's not my fault I lived through hell,

Condemned of every sin.

But I picked myself up,

And it was For you

And I stood there for her,

Because I knew it was true..

I always held up,

Never let it get in..

And I know he's the only one

Guilty, here within..

And who could have though

That the wellspring of horror

Could be someone so great?

And a bastard little son

Could emotionally rape

All the feelings and trust

Of a once happy girl,

Torn away all reflections

Of a fucking dead world..

But I'm still standing strong, now

I have to, fo you.

And I'll always be there for us,

Because I know it's not true.

So regardless of the future,

of the distance, of the pain

I'll never let go of him,

Or be free of the bane

I'll not forget hate,

Or the sorrow, and fear

Caused by that fucking bastard

In this past summer's year.

A heart once held open,

Now draws to a close

And I can't help but crying

Watch you wither, like a rose

And my once so strong rock

Now threatens to crack, and to fall

But I swear, dad, I'll stop it

And I'll build up this fucking wall..

And my hate will never cease,

Can't let go of what he's done

Fuck your goddamn compassion

I always knew he'd be the one..

I'm sorry daddy.